A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

spiritus : breath, spirit, vital principle, vigor, agency
numinous  ⦿  daimonic  ⦿  preternatural



The Be(e)

the be(e)

The complex figure suspended in the void is both static and psychoactive. The head floats freely in the head-space of a bee, the body and wings of which integrate with the human form whose fingers sensitively monitor liquid flows of vital essence, honey perhaps, solidified beneath his feet, delimiting his path.

This piece was created during a time of intense crisis and remained preternatural for several weeks, moving and communicating whenever I engaged it.

The Daimon

the daimon

a depiction of the daimon (Gk.) or genius (L)
referring to the divine inborn nature presenting
here in a horse showing multiple orientations united
at center where soul or host personality is seen



Time has stopped
connections dropped
dilating, a receptive cone
expanding inward — alone
no need to rush, no row to hoe
for that which seemed to just before
is not of matter anymore.
And falls away my old attachment,
decathected, laid to rest,
a willing abnegation, yes,
but also loss, a meaning less,
a sense of failure and regret,
persona death, inflated breast
which gentle ursus claws to bone
and calls to Hekate Chthonia
for reconstruction and rebirth.
Catharsis is complete
when rises deep from silence vast
an inner force of lilith cast
sublimity renewing
seeing hearing doing
time again engaged
and this time, better played.

1803, from Latinized form of Gk. katharsis "purging, cleansing," from kathairein "to purify, purge," from katharos "pure, clear of dirt, clean, spotless; open, free; clear of shame or guilt; purified," with most of the extended senses now found in Modern English clear, clean, pure, of unknown origin. Originally medical in English; of emotions from 1872; psychotherapy sense first recorded 1909, in Brill's translation of Freud.

katharós [catharus]
(a primitive word) — properly, "without admixture" (BAGD); what is separated (purged), hence "clean" (pure) because unmixed (without undesirable elements); (figuratively) spiritually clean because purged (purified by God), i.e. free from the contaminating (soiling) influences of sin.

Mila, the Optimist

Mila, the Optimist

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle
(→ popularly attributed to Plato or Philo of Alexandria, but Ian Maclaren, Scottish author and theologian [born John Watson] is the actual source).

Sunday, pierced and bloodied, weary, forlorn of hope, failed
in so many ways, bone cold, too numbed to speak i cast it all aside to paint.
I'd begun a numinous piece two days before and thought i'd work on that some more but, instead, a wondrous being took her place, took shape on my canvas, pulling me from wretched spit to ethereal light. Today she said her name.

The Transformation

the transformation




Beautiful nymph companion of Artemis vows to remain a virgin,
hunt in the mountains, shun the company of men,
but Zeus finds her desirable and falls in love,
sleeps with her disguised as Artemis
(some say Apollo, brother of Artemis), and then,
pregnant, Kallisto is changed into a bear
(here the tale takes different paths)
by Zeus, who wants to hide his love and save her from his wife Hera's jealous rage;
by Hera, who angrily transforms Kallisto, then persuades Artemis to slay her;
or by Artemis, who, observing signs of pregnancy when Kallisto disrobes to bathe with the other nymphs, seeks to punish her for loss of virginity.1

Medicine Bear


medicine bear

1974 age 24, just yesterday and a lifetime ago,
a 200µg drop of clinically pure lsd on a quarter inch square of notebook paper,
dissolved on the tongue, too late now, said my friend,
some tension, some dread, something i said, misread,
know i should go, yes, you should, ran the thread
on north vancouver island that cold, still winter night, snow, drifts along and far beyond the recently plowed road, crunching sharply beneath my feet, moving west in moonlit darkness, alone unknown lonely frightened confused when the white dog emerges from the void, reassuring, a guardian, leading me forward, deeper into darkness, speaks with every dog who challenges our passage, and each in turn is silent, ― she is several paces ahead of me when to the right, in an autumn forest, i encounter ‡ two wrestling bears ‡ near the ‡ great bear medicine woman ‡ who floats in mid air, who sees and heals,
who speaks to me ⇒ i hear • feel • understand « we want you to be a healer »
some time later dog and i come to a frozen lake at the end of the road, where i rest a spell, behold the stars, while she scouts around the perimeter ... partway back, where we first met, she nuzzles me goodbye, i thank her, she turns, returns to the night

BEAR GODS AND GODDESSES (or associated with bear):
Artemis, Diana, Andarta, Artaius, Artio, Hu Nonp, Jambavantha, Kaiti, Kim-un Kamui, Rksavaktra...


the buck

spirito primitivo
o mighty buck,
i draw you, call your name
to run as one, o mighty buck,
to feel your thundering heart,
your fierce vitality, impassioned, free,
driving out conflicting thought
to absolute simplicity

o mighty buck,
i let them go,
extinguish predilections so,
running, seeing,
open lo,
spiritus mundi
o mighty buck

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