A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

Not Your Medium...
In a dream, as transiting Saturn
approaches opposition Moon.
28 November 2013

Three times in angry emphasis
his index finger stabs my chest
STOP USING ME [he shouts, and more]
if you were really [so attuned]
you'd've seen that problem BEFORE
anyone suffered injury.
→ I asked an unnamed familiar
wanting a smoke to push past
my own anxiety working
not even thinking what he faced
how he felt his needs injuries
but he agreed became two then
three against foes none seen inside
for i was not looking maybe
afraid mystified occupied
by the Greater Unrevealed no
longer trying dissatisfied
a failure disenchanted by
"truth" but who was he to say
who was he anyway this young
man now standing up to i
puer aeternus uncertain
but clearly angry determined
to seek his way at least to try
to interact until he find
inside and out more dimensions
than he can count and then attest
to that reality and heal
STOP USING ME he shouted → FEEL.

Receiving by dissolving "me".
4 December 2013

He does not know he cannot tell
yet feels inside the answers well
through ever-changing boundary
mysterious complexity
that seems to describe dimension
but hides or obscures connection
separating what he thinks he wants
from what manifests maybe haunts
or otherwise presents to dance
perhaps perceived only in trance
receiving by dissolving "me"
engaging new reality.

Gestalt mind.
23 November 2013

In liminal states more often encountered than thought when thinking through does nought
i speak with voices open to visions deeply attune to body states commune with indwelling
force and am driven impassioned to grasp intent establish course gain consent take action
confirm the laws find and correct perceptual flaws cognitions skewed counsel from source
by ethos imbued to nurture and then represent us too because that is what there is to do.

13 October 2013

Avoid defeating other people
listen and learn, acquire the skill
to identify and take the mind
without alarm, neither seen nor heard.

A beaten drum.
5 October 2013

The greatest poet to become
of ancient rhyme
he memorized so many lines
that meter was
engrained in time a beaten drum.

Ut pictura poesis — "As is painting so is poetry."
Horace, Ars Poetica (The Art of Poetry)

poesis, "composition, poetry," lit. "a making, fabrication";
var. → poïesis, n. An act or process of creation.

Poïesis — Ancient Greek:  « ποίησις »,
from poïein  « ποιέω »,  "to make"  or  "bring forth",
referring to the process of  "unveiling" → a-letheia  « ἀ–λήθεια »,
meaning  "the state of not being hidden;  self-evident;  unforgotten".

Poïesis refers to revelation of the hidden, a "making known", producing or leading things into presence, the disclosure of being. It also deals with that which is dark, ambiguous, and hungry-to-be, reflecting unconscious drives and the daimonic. A poïetic act is revelatory. It goes beyond an act of will or intention, which are better apprehended in description of praxis, the doing or the techne of art. It is a vital force, fundamentally intuitive and passionate, an energizing tension that often informs praxis. Poïesis is an opening up, leading to a reapprehension of place, a renegotiation of order and structure that goes beyond the created thing itself.

The poíimata  [pl. ποιήματα, sing. ποίημα, poíima ], the works, the pieces written in verse on this page are sometimes edited or revised. A poïetic reifies a process at first writing, but the words and structure may be edited as insights arise and changes ramify in personality. Some may be completely revised. Some are removed entirely. Their psychoactive power varies, and diminishes over time, but some stand as hermae, as signs to remind.  While each is dated at first writing, revisions are not unless they fundamentally alter the theme and content.

This is spellcraft.  Only in the loosest of contexts might I call these poíimata poems, or refer to myself as a "poet".  Neither am I a scholar.  But I do like words.

The paradigm must change...
10 August 2013

Void of course lost confounded
confused confined i have tried
and am denied imprisoned
analyze but cannot find
the root or resolution
so override to stop the noise close my eyes
and shut it down listen for a deeper sound
for words entrained through darkest
night and seek the visions round
to light direction in the
next dimension a passage
or action but nothing comes
there is no movement i am stuck in this muck
the paradigm must change old is same as same
fresh perspective must be gained
so must open to receive
get beyond the fixity
die the death that comes to me
evolving transformation
a contextual shift beyond any plans
for the answer now is flowing in my hands.

11 June 2013
13 October 2013

How is it possible and in what sense explictly to be present conscious a participant yet largely unobservant of common reality clearly recognized elementally when attention is demanded by circumstance or people in proximity who assert that they indubitably perceive substance and matters of unequivocal necessity where i barely register a generally illumined blur and sound unheard which rises occasionally to the level of discernible object when focused upon specifically or otherwise might present numinously chthonically a reality of larger dimensions different extensions and connections?

What does that even mean?

Not seen.
5 May 2013

Curious phenomenon
to be in the open
in plain sight
not hidden
yet not seen.

Interpretive sense,
frame of reference.
5 May 2013

Assignment of house
is not hard and fast
but determined by
whatever zodiac and
system house division
makes most interpretive
sense at the time.
The matter will be
ignored entirely
if frame of reference
shifts to heliocentricity.

Cultivating qi.
7 May 2013 (11 June 2013)

Centered and the exercise begins with
inner mapping the movements of need
and lines showing path of energy seen
the instant before hands engage the qi
the way i follow incomprehensible but
instantly intimately known by doing by
experiencing streams or cords of white-
gold energy in fingers palms and arms
pervading me moving through legs feet
toes soles torso everywhere and eyes
(especially those) an indescribable mix
of bliss and connectedness and often in
response to a counterforce like moving
through water resistance (going more
deeply into trance) a revelatory dance
creation through interaction mutually
invoked a guided soul and immanence
being the very essence understanding
no questions asked a state cultivated
internally explored taught sometimes
lost in dragon dreams.

What is not there...
7 May 2013

Ballcap flat on the sidewalk
she sat bare legs crossed
in the shade of a battered
old orange newspaper box
and thus screened from police
she anxiously searched the eyes
of possibilities going south or north
though most would never meet hers
or care to register so many wounds
the lacking or lost opportunities
in her life and when i said
sorry i have no cash
she raised, bobbed
thumb, mumbled
have a good day
and turned away
smiling unsteadily
all of her five black
lower teeth on display.
Where is the usefulness
here, in what is not there?

Haecceity ("thisness")
7 April 2013.



Agencies perform reborn beyond
my ken, though aware of them
and sensing interpenetrating
dimensions which exceed
conscious capacity to see,
hear, or otherwise even dimly
apprehend as my reality, empty
in my haecceity, no directions
or memories, simply feeling lost,
a flickering light a discontinuity of
bluish white, a junction in darkness,
base, trace, an edge, way down spiral
or even more from galactic core, energy
entrained in generative void, shore
and shell, the inner war i know so
well, withdrawn again in solitude to
retransform, collecti-metamorph,
the signs portend and thus begot
means what we do
must overcome the
am i now or not.

23 March 2013


23 March 2013

A deeper meaning
what you do
than recognition
come to you
or their permission.

Of common place...
14 March 2013

Beyond known, presumed, and tolerably unfamiliar,
past the unpredictably porous pale of common place
they arise to commune, the sensed but unfathomed
and possibly imagined spirits and specters untraced,
vectors of power and change that i can neither stay
nor control, the imperative, the Wyrd — unanticipated
disturbance of inner space, terrible losses remembered,
trackless wastes of opportunity, numberless mistakes
in social catastrophes i am seeing, abreacting, calling,
willing into being again « dem ist so und nicht so » when
within enfolds without, then unfolds within — the word is
harmonize → the introject, the melancholic decathect,
engaging drive, the analyze, the recreate, reorganize.

Whatcha gonna do?
14 March 2013

Speed read and scan
faster than i am and
again two three times.
Don't remember much.
But i got good hands.
Mebbe a healing touch.

Big Empty...
14 March 2013

Too much juice
and grief on dues,
dope disability clude,
wind up wearing it
home in the world
big empty haunting you.

Knowing everything...
29 December

Not very good
at knowing everything:
make too many mistakes
→ find no advantage
presenting myself
as so awake
when often asleep.
If i dont waste time
with pretend and defend
i soon apprehend that
what i need to know
takes hold of me,
seen, heard or felt,
it directs and draws me,
engages my interest
and moves me utterly.
Therefore, i let go:
i do not know —
i am led.

Working on the idea
21 February 2013

Working on the idea
that inner voices are
transpersonal agencies
with and through whom intra-
and interpersonal communication
occurs in consonance with
the reality of īśvara,
the inward experience of divinity,
which boils down like a shaman
in a fire, flesh melted from bone
and resurrected whole, to mean
one can communicate with others
and contribute to well-being
without having to socialize.

31 December 2012

alert the next sentence
new words coming through
set springs to action
draw swords, derring-do

Writing to work through...
12 December 2012

Writing to communicate
is often different from
writing to work through,
a more telegraphic form
of intrapsychic review
intended to analyze
organize and integrate.
An inner audience already
knows the ideoemotional
vocabulary so requires no
explanatory prose except in
those cases where the material
is novel and transformanagerial.

live small for now
10 December 2012

does not fit
out of it
steps aside
loses place
no disgrace
not be long
world moves on

live small
for now

Frames of Reference
9 December 2012 (26 March 2013)

Too difficult to identify the psychic eye
Rahu in the ninth wise counselor wizard provocateur or exaggeration and deceptive amplification and Ketu in the third an otherworldly mind or depressed and disconnected maybe wrong assumptions clear projections of the collective unconscious i like Yogananda's approach to wit you are not regimented by stars or dominated by matter of which there is only 4% in the universe no word descriptor or statement defines you or where you are at this or any other time it's just a frame of reference and the bottom line remains your integrity.

26 November 2012

comparison fails because
no one and no-thing are
the same, so the frame
is a fart from the start

26 November 2012

My success or failure is not
determined by your opinion.
The question is surely moot
and i dispute your dominion.

You are here
29 November 2012

Heaven (S)
(SE) Lake - Wind (SW)
(E) Fire - * Taiji * - Water (W)
(NE) Thunder - Mountain (NW)
You are here→Earth (N)

The Way...
26 November 2012

In whatever way
known or unknown
others insideout
others outsidein
the path exists
in presence of that
which makes manifest,
which remembers, unveils,
reveals the hidden
never alone
following the way.

Considering the complexity...
13 November 2012

the complexity
of postmodernity
and omnishambles
in connexity,
opportunity for
work of less perplexity
might actually
mitigate financial
and emotional woes,
but maybe not ...
who really knows,
clinging to the status quo?

We find the time...
13 November 2012

When the shaper
molds the rhyme
deceivers drive
to ground
the hard behind
a washing line
of sound
the ear is blind
the proof
and none supine
we find the time
your truth
to dance sublime.

The Music...
9 October 2012 (29 November 2012)

In this state of mind
there are no signs
no measures of any kind
to mark the passage of time
until, looking back,
the unbidden i find
are mistakes and wounds
of rejection, punition and pride,
expectations internalized from
those whose standards narrowly
define or arbitrarily restrain
and attempt to bind
what will not be contained
and manifests as shuddering pain,
a clenching of teeth, contraction
of muscle, steeling cold on hold...
but an introspective opportunity
i do not waste
(could not escape in any case)
as inner heat erupts
and then...
the music comes again
the music i'd forgot
(this happens alot
to optimistic melancholics)
and when i remember
the rhythm and rhyme
and feel the immanent beat,
i open inside and simply fly —
catharsis is complete.

The Music...Cont'd
29 November 2012

Clearly there are markers
at different points in time
that define experiential course
or line, but while some of these
present unequivocally,
as psychospiritual epiphanies
and hierophanies, sharply
sensible and accessible to me
in context of gestalt, the voices
and the ego-Self, none seem to be
evident during metamorphoses,
in the unforgetting disharmonium
of cathartic deconstruction.

Coming back...
22 September 2012

I keep coming back
to this same old stage
after every gage
of identity
we resolve, the next
seems similarly
framed: another role,
a new masquerade.
The trick i think is
to work my own art
and let the practice
itself be the part.

Well, maybe...
21 September 2012

In two realms at once
in the one
puer aeternus
and a child
of dragons
in the other
forever the student.

Long range plan?
21 September 2012

Anxiety relieved
with a brown paper bag
of fresh groceries and
safe place to sleep tonight.

Just ... ordinary.
14 July 2012

What makes you special they asked
nothing he replied
what do you have that we do not
nothing he replied
what can you do that we cannot
nothing he replied
i am very ordinary...
and while he spoke a little inside out
they listened politely
thinking what they thought about
they rose, chatting neighborly,
ate the crackers and cheese,
drank the wine, and left.
Not all it was cracked up to be.
Just ... ordinary.

He dare not dig...
10 July 2012

He dare not dig and would not find,
he wants no part of history,
prefers to leave the past behind
yet wonders at the mystery,
the artefacts and tangled lines,
the sin chrone eze and oddi teas
and feary things that lead him blind
up one hill and down another.

Walk lightly...
10 July 2012

Walk lightly, easy as you go;
do not act as if you know
your impact on what lies below.

What has gotten into you...
12 May 2012

What has gotten into you
your behavior is different
unfamiliar somehow skewed
something of a shock
not what we want or grok
are you obsessed
you been possessed
what is the matter with you
has something gotten
under your skin
are you irritable
yes and no metaphysical
transformed like when
you let the vampire in
or the meme made you spin
ahso — here has been
an intrasusception
a deep acceptance
of something akin
a constellation within
(you even look different)
what manner of being
of ancient past or recent cast
no perturbation no aberrance
but unfathomed potential
and something astounding
is happening an expansion
of inner vision the ceiling
a vaulted magnificence
emerges a vast untold
floating without hold
understanding stories old
so very old they are new.

It is written...
1 July 2012

So it is written
and in writing it
he is moved beyond the words
which may be revised a bit
as insight and drive permit.

Other you...
12 May 2012

Another being hidden from view
a parallel seeing clearly true
the meeting merging other you.

A channel responding...
12 May 2012

How it feels not like my creation
in the process or when we're through
more like opening and receiving
a channel responding to and becoming
something new.

By inner rule...
8 May 2012

when bodkin slan
o screed began
the list bestand
ahind him and
assailing he
aworry been
the unforeseen
wot takes his spit
the end of it
all pain and shit
that fighter bit
to see his lot
engaged in thought
the what-gets-wrote
an antidote
to isolate
or activate
remain the womb
or shoot the moon
may also be
too late the dream
already old
long story told
but listen well
the crafting spell
forgetting ought:
let go ye sot
and live by inner rule.

The scryer.
15 March 2012

It has always been
the answers unknown
when power is needed
to regain control of
affects run rampant
emotions gone rogue
it has always been
that i hear and see
the words come to me
from the darkness within
and receiving i utter
or write, said the scryer,
to structure the din
with daimonic fire,
decipher and mold
my foundering soul.

The simple truth.
15 March 2012

Slowly deeply inhale,
feeling the beat of my heart
connected with every part;
slowly freely exhale,
the mind growing calm and still,
surrendered by act of will;
letting go travail
unveils another reality,
continuing to breathe
and open to receive,
where, just beyond causality,
the simple truth divined
shows no precise identity
and cannot be described,
yet i am home and free.

We often accept < do not >
on grounds of belief or proviso
we think of it not or get caught
in hopeful relief that all is well
and forthcoming events will tell
the story we anticipate —
a fantasy we propagate
with ideas of < do >
and what is < appropriate to [do] >
but the stop and the start
in this applecart
seems problematic —
a plot misbegot.

To do
do not
i do (not)
make do do over do up
do away with do wap
< do >
make act perform cause put place
< not >
reverse proscribe prohibit negate
in no way to no extent
do not do or even contemplate
the < do > before the act of < not >
is more or less a mindless thought.

Simple acts
5 February 2012

When i think there are no facts
only interpretations
i find it helpful to limit
my involvement to simple acts
and fewer representations.

There are no facts,
only interpretations.

Finding fractals
5 February 2012

They were there all along
we know that now but
they were invisible then
as we looked dimly through
the lenses of our intent
seeing our creations
straight lines
geometric shapes
rather than
the similar patterns
that nature creates.

Thirty spokes share the wheel's hub;
It is the center hole that makes it useful.
Shape clay into a vessel;
It is the space within that makes it useful.
Cut doors and windows for a room;
It is the holes which make it useful.
Therefore benefit comes from what is there;
Usefulness from what is not there.

Eleven, Tao Te Ching
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A review of narcissistic compensation and separation
26 November 2011 (26 March 2013)

You are special so very unique but we realize there has been a mistake
you are not the golden boy wed hoped for no it appears not for reasons
we find difficult to define but obviously and without intent to undermine or
in any way assign blame we understand you need to belong feel cared for
have place and be safe we see yet through the illusion of you and of missing
ingredient the unfortunate truth we conclude that you are not able to contribute
because "you" are not there although we hope you will prove worthy eventually.

Certainly, it seems that what you say rings true it is possible i merely do pretend,
or claim to do and overextend, inflate or abnegate, compensate, whatever it takes,
to apparent unfortunate end, with cognitive molts again and again, yet i apprehend
that the words of your spell hold no power, that i am not about your acceptance or
affirmation, so rather than follow you in further fruitless attempts to redress such
deficits on promise of relief and advance by compliance, i prefer to work alone,
internally, feeling the flow of energy in company of my deeper family chthon.

Inner work...
19 November 2011

When one breathes in and out, one's concentration causes the generative force to rise and fall (in the microcosmic orbit) thus slowly turning the wheel of the law. Count from one to ten and then from ten to one hundred breaths with the heart (mind) following the counting to prevent it from wandering outside. When the heart and breathing are in unison, this is called locking up the monkey heart and tying up the running horse of intellect.

Mindfulness should give way to mindlessness [...]

Movement, with awareness of a simple mind's activity
and a channeler's proclivity, both monkey-mind?
sometimes commentary, mindful counting, old themes
or novel predicates drawing near, mind in time
and yet as the mime experiences this, the parts
of the whole all seem to belong at the table of soul —
in precisely what role, the mime does not know;
but note that when the cogimentary gets too close
and the mime shifts focus becoming control,
there occurs an aberration of energic flow
sufficiently uncomfortable that the mime moves
to reestablish focus, concentrato, and just so
perhaps all of the movement, including monkey-mind,
is part of the process developing whole.

[I]n earlier periods the dominant meaning of the monkey was that of mediator between deities and humans.
Later in history, its meaning as a scapegoat became increasingly dominant [...]

Daoist Nei Gong: The Philosophical Art of Change

NEI GONG :: Inner Work — An art form

From the publisher...
This book provides a breakdown of the entire Nei Gong process, and explains in plain English the philosophy which underpins Nei Gong practice, and which is based on the original teachings of the ancient Daoist priests. The methodology of Sung breathing, an advanced meditative practice which has until now been reserved for 'inner-door' students is described, and the book contains an entire set of Qigong exercises accompanied by instructional photographs and drawings.

5 November 2012 (26 March 2013)

time was faster when knowing
answers was my responsibility
but working with qi experientially
surpasses that need as timelessly
interoceptively exploring movements
ryhthms pathways watching streaming
active dreaming and little or no abreaction
detached releasing letting go in mindful slow
fluid movements it seems i am utterly joyously
free to be whatever i want to be
yet i am comfortably nothing
following a string no-mind
blissfully more
than all i know

A handle on things...
25 September 2011

thinking i have
a good handle on things
i am stumblebum surprised
when the battle brings
evidence of artfully devised
illusions that protect
yet adversely affect me
prone to prematurely
disconnect and mumble
dumb miscalculate conclusions

The answer...
23 September 2011

i thought that art
would be the answer
but it is simply part
of the question
not a persona
i want to pursue
merely a process
of working through
and alas one which soon
may prove too expensive
for me to do

Essential stuff...
22 September 2011

not tough enough
to play the game
to market in the name
of art is art is art
the hardest part
the numbed heart
that comes apart
without a dream
and so i seek recovery
in magical discovery
of more essential stuff

21 September 2011

and here
i know i am empty
void of familiar role
or salient goal
in melancholic reverie
a rudderless boat
stranded upon the shoal
of wishful themes
in the marginal seas
of penury

The branch...
13 September 2011

in her small hands
the branch fit perfectly
at just the right height
so she could hang suspended
partially hidden by broad leaves
in her private morning stretch
but she was seen by others who
wanted to enjoy the pleasure too
though they were heavier than she
and acted less in harmony
till soon the branch
lay broken below
black and still
in the grass
at the base
of the tree

Before sinking in...
13 September 2011

before sinking in
i do not see
what hungers me
but when the fat
drips down my chin
i perceive that
the mystery
needs a napkin

29 August 2011

not asleep not awake
adrift the vestal lake
of openness and dreams
yet very much at peace

Her need, his tears...
29 August 2011

she tells him her need
yet wants no help
expecting things
her way or else
and he believes
that she has lost
her path and health
preserving her wealth
denying herself
these long many years
but he might be wrong
for the truth of her song
is harder to see
through his tears

Staying very small...
27 August 2011

that by staying very small
he would not be hurt at all
so something inward froze
or chose or in reaction rose
to be alone — develop on its own
a carnival clown the minister said
building up and breaking down
but he would channel and
imagine mimic and compose
explore the darkest throes of
psychic faults in neuroseismic zones
and navigate by hearing tones
that speak the deep community
and quest for unity
the harmony of voices in gestalt

27 August 2011

he plays with words
like dominoes
one end at a time
and dares not
plan ahead
afraid of being
out of line

Poetry is...
27 August 2011

poetry is the art of working through
difficult themes that come to view
in words that do or do not need
refinement and assembly

25 August 2011

breathe deeply
you are generating neurons

Dont got a dime...
19 August

dont got a dime but
breathe and move more easily
in and out of time

Divining by rhyme...
17 August 2011

words that come as rhyme
will often trigger insight
elsewise not divined

Another dimension...
16 August 2011

at this angle we
see another dimension
lost in the next step

When to stop...
9 August 2011

behind the old goal post verdant ivy flourishes lush on the hurricane fence once fully supported by eight posts three meters high it afforded useful backdrop at the southend boundary of the soccer field but not long ago as the ivy continued to grow more dense its weight pulled free the upper meter and a half of that fence which arched away from moorings on the six inner posts and now the ivy gains more sun and broadens its reach on both sides of fence so perhaps then is unaware or does not care or knows not when to stop

Clean house...
8 August 2011

time to clean the house
of urgencies and objects
i no longer need

what seemed important
in another time does not
have rhyme in the now

Simple words and art
20 July 2011

what use the judgment
what merit to say
a loner —
thinks things should go his own way
and why has that stayed
so important a page
in the script of a play
where he seems not the owner

he knows an inner heart
but is unable or unwilling
to be in other company for long
to play a different part
the deeper need for solitude
to analyze to break apart
to reconstruct to remake whole
his simple words and art

If he walks away from you...
11 July 2011

if he walks away from you or in some sense
does not behave as you expect or wish him to
in all probability he is not abandoning you
or showing neglect denying some truth
or attempting to deceive on the contrary
imagine that he simply has something
he must do a problem he is working on
an action he must follow through
so let him do what he has to
because his stuff cannot always be
about you and the deeper truth
you seek in fact is not in him but you

Gaining space...
11 July 2011

cleaned out the fridge
today threw away
expired supplements
questionable foods
stuff i will never eat
but felt tempted to
and bought
in one of my moods
and strangely
i feel great
there is
much more space
when thoughts are
no longer
on hold

did the bathroom shelf too
i mean really — who needs
twenty bottles of shampoo
ahso i remember years ago
when i found the dead cat
dark fur dry skin and bones
stuck to the stained carpet
in the closet rarely used the
old woman said with surprise
i wondered where all the flies
early summer were coming from
adding parenthetically she and her
husband had simply become apathetic
— ennui that arose from thoughts on hold
from marching in place and not gaining space

Sea gull...
7 July 2011

absolutely still
the sea gull stands on one leg
silently watching

In this moment...
7 July 2011

ahead of myself
again falling behind when
sun shines through the clouds
time stops in blissful awareness

25 May 2011

it is not about writing whatever you think
stuff that is gone in a blink down the sink
more often of interest is whence it arose
when think has been thunk and then goes
estimation of self in the writing and art
was certainly once the importantest part
underscoring mimesis and Chiron in guises
organization and representation surprises
receptivity something deep has changed
and Calliope muses the rhyme rearranged
to manticore and transliminal semaphor

Now theres food for thought
16 May 2011

old questions long questions
questions we cannot answer
impractical nonsensical in that sense
because what there is to do is
work. shop. live.
the answer clearly printed
in the window near starbucks
where i learn that YOU bought
228 million pounds of responsibly grown
ethically traded coffee last year

now theres food for thought
as i sip my 2 dollar chai

14 May 2011

a little after 8 at the crossroads in dundonald park and i know it is not so much the rhyme but the time it takes to make my inevitable mistake and struggle awake

as disconnected blank and empty never filled by interaction not what i see nor want to be this tired old theme again scrawls through my pen and then

in the center as old women tai chi through their mimickry i see one woman in a lightweight salmon pink coat on the southeast leg where she moves alone in different form by nature not by rote but inner knowing

her movements are small delicate at first last only a few minutes and soon she crosses the center to find her spot on the northeast leg where she begins to move through one set of action-repetitions to the next completely engaged completing the cycle working each limb and articulation attending not to power but to function focused awareness united with qi she flows through the channels of her body

and resurrected then i apprehend the blank and empty i defend inside my head the qi that cannot flow that cannot go that loops but cannot mend my soul

once more i know the path to take and now it comes as no surprise when i arise that our eyes meet in gratitude i bow and she bows in reply

Dundonald Park was once a 3-way crossroads; now it connects five paths.

Image Credit: MapQuest

The Southwest leg (Bay at Maclaren)
of the Dundonald Park Crossroads.

At The Crossroads
Gypsy Magic (12.01.10) Accessed 13.05.11.

Crossroads are considered sacred in almost all magical traditions. A crossroads is a universally accepted place to hold rituals, leave offerings, or dispose of items you wish to be rid of.

It is believed that Hecate rules over the three-way crossroads. She can see the past, present, and future. [...]

Metaphysically, a crossroads is a place of sacred transformations, a metaphor for transformational points in our lives, and relate to time and choices. It is a place to go to unblock your path.

The Snail
7 May 2011

a long walk tired now not far from home several paces along an earthen path still moist from nightime rain a suitable spot screened by small trees affords privacy and relief and finished there am more aware can take my steps with greater care as watching where i walk not seen before nor crushed beneath my sandal a snail slowly glides across my path the trace it leaves behind evidence of its track a straight line how direct how daring or perhaps oblivious while carrying one's house upon one's back