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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Review of character and concept in Gestalt.
Expanding the cognitive map in assessment of identity, dharma, and path.
Using a focused radix and an elaborated sidereal relocation chart to work through a critical period of transition, age 66.53y.

30 October - 30 November 2016

Worksheet 30 Oct 2016. Nature, Orientation, and Path. Radix and Transits. Trop geo, Placidus, birthplace chart.

Dharmic rede

Developed over the course of this past month, these two charts complete a set of briefs and studies dealing with Nature, Orientation, and Path, in what seems to me a critical period of transition. They represent different efforts to apprehend dharma — to review, revise and regrasp our fundamental nature, intrapsychic character and dynamics; our orientation, referring to developmental objective and drive; and our path, addressing the matter of action in accord with both, under aegis of and in consonance with immanent presence (divinity, Self, daimon).

Ideational framework ...

Where personality is experienced as plurality, in which an evolving egoic function communicates with multiple principals to common developmental purpose in context of immanent presence, achievement of a functional whole is fundamental — that is, from my perspective, in primary relation with immanent presence (ego-Self), my experience, my sense of self, my role and responsibility goes to the need to communicate with the principals on an inclusive and egalitarian basis, to understand character, drives and dynamics, and to foster creative expression, harmony and transcendence, based on that primary relation.

I feel the principals and hear their 'voices' within. I am of them, it seems, because they present with immediacy and intimate familiarity, in a personal way; and yet, the principals are transpersonal, ineffable, changeable. Perhaps they are manifestations of the immanent presence, even as Amun was thought to inhere in all neteru.

Worksheet 15-30 November 2016. Nature, Orientation, and Path. Comprehensive relocation Chart for Ottawa ON CA, with solar 
arc directions and transits.

I refer to this developmental matrix as the 'gestalt', with egoic function in primary relation with immanent presence and communication with a constantly changing group principals to common psychospiritual objective. Everything goes to enlightenment.

The truth is that I have no sense of self except in terms of the gestalt. But my experience involves deep experience of anxiety, insecurity, instability, fragmentation, chaos, and disharmony. The principals present and are engaged in these experiences. These are the issues to be worked through, the substance of initiative in gestalt. For most of my life this reality involved cycles of buildup and breakdown of identity constructs and role identifications, in cathartic transformations. Such catharses generally occur every 90 days or so, consistent with the orbital period of Mercury, Scout planet in the radix.

In a Saturn mahadasha, one year into the third inception of a 30-year Saturn Cycle, as tNeptune opposes and tSaturn squares the Saturn complement, now Juno, next Mars...

A sense of order and structure is important to me as egoic function, and Saturn represents a strong and stabilizing influence in my chart. Note that Saturn is stationary-direct in both charts, as well as FIRE singleton and septener AK in the relocational, along with Pluto, which is also AK and cardinal singleton.

But tNeptune now opposes Saturn, and tSaturn squares both. We've written about these aspects in previous entries, here, e.g., and here. The confusion and sense of structural collapse presenting at this time, the flood and review of memories, the doubts of reality and uncertainty of truth are intense. Concurrently, however, inner communication and companionship are dramatically intensified — this is a period of expansion, of rapidly accelerated learning. There are many factors at play — far more than simpler charts might allow us to identify and engage in working through the problems.

Expanding awareness...

In most of these exercises, including this one, efforts to identify, analyze and remediate disequilibria and disharmony in gestalt are focused through ego, which I've apprehended as an evolving function that serves as ordinative instrument in primary relation with immanence, communicating with multiple principals and fostering collective effort in pursuit of a common developmental theme. I appreciated that I am of them, connected somehow intimately notwithstanding their ineffability, that they are also of a transpersonal reality, quite beyond me. Their counsel and criticism stimulate response from me, and that interaction informs growth in gestalt. (Note that Moon, Mercury and Sun are found in Krittika nakshatra.)


Stabilization and development of egoic function depends on many factors, but cultivation of capacity to communicate with and mediate among principals presenting ostensibly different propensities and passions figures prominently. My relation to immanence is clear, but my condition is otherwise chaotic and requires action. That impression of the process has remained intact for many years, but it too has been evolving.

In the early days of this study, under the tNeptune-Saturn opposition and tSaturn squares, I struggled to work through the issues as construct after construct seemed to collapsed around me. The research became increasingly driven, with small discoveries each day. As work reached a climax near completion of the relocation chart, I became increasingly aware, as if a veil were being lifted, of the truly cooperative effort involved in assessment and resonance testing, in the reading of patterns and forthcoming trends, selecting apposite courses of action — in short, in working as a gestalt.


Some time ago there irrupted an insight with respect to the Dhyani Buddha Amoghasiddhi. Honor the accomplishments of others, for they are the accomplishments of all. Feelings of envy, or the problematic persuasion of intrinsic inadequacy and self-rejection arise from failure to apperceive the interconnectedness of all. Delusion and attachment.

The gestalt expands as well, as I apprehend it, with conscious shift from the personal focus to include the transpersonal. This is what appears to be unfolding...

tSaturn trines Venus, Vesta, Alpheratz; tPluto conjuncts Nephthys, trines Saturn and applies to the solar stellium; etc.

The upper chart (trop geo, Placidus) carries on from recent briefs, q.v., but here more precisely focuses on the 5th house and identity, including parans and archetypal themes of ordinational introspective syntony. Al Rescha (heliacal rising) in quadriform with Saturn and the Great Attractor, for example; and its engagement in the mystic rectangle with Acumen-5, Betelgeuse-11 and Saturn/tSaturn, Ketu/Identity-4. Another such rectangle includes the AC/DC axis, Tarazed and Yed Prior, itself suggesting a course...

The second chart shows a much greater expansion beyond the first, but it's a somewhat arcane application designed to show Pluto/Saturn as Atmakaraka (AK), Neptune/Venus as Amatyakaraka (AmK) — relocation to Ottawa (where I've lived since 1970), sid geo, whole signs, Dhruva Galactic Center at mid-Mula. This illustration includes the many factors apprehended as meaningful and relevant in the current period of development.

Sahamas/Lots have been added, and these are quite interesting in themselves. Note that Spirit is the same locus as AC in the radix above. The AC-Pluto conjunction is essentially exact, and at the same degree as the AC locus in the unrectified radix (09:09 CST) — a small bit of housekeeping I find meet. Everything works in this chart, including the solar directions and transits. Note the Neptune transit between Jupiter and Hecate...

Algol and Lucifer are shown in both charts, conjunct Sun, the natural AK, binovile Pluto and Jupiter — apposite descriptors of my intrapsychic work. Note that the solar stellium opposed the Lot of Identity (AC+SA-MO; same degree as Anya-Karma Saham, alternate Vocation, SA-MO+Lagna).

And there's also the boon of '927', long a favorite number for reasons unknown, but Algol, an eclipsing binary, reaches the Minima of Algol on 16.05.1950 in my place of birth. This is 5'13" shy of our rectified birth time (09:32:13), and 18 minutes from the recorded (09:09). Everything's coming up 9's...