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Out of Bounds, Algol, Transit, and Mater...
A few notes.

6-8 January 2014

"Out of bounds" is a term first applied by KT (Katherine) Boehrer (1994, Declination: The Other Dimension) in description of planets outside the boundary of the ecliptic, meaning, with declination exceeding 23° 27' North or South of the celestial equator.

Apart from the Sun, only Saturn and Neptune never go out of bounds. All other planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto — plus the Moon go out of bounds at some point during their cycles. Mercury, Venus, and Mars go out of bounds on a frequent basis. The Moon has an 18.6 year pulsation, divided into approximately 9-year halves. It spends around 9 years within the Sun's path, and then another 9 years making regular excursions outside the solar bounds [...]1

Mercury, Venus and Mars may reach 27°, with Venus and Mars sometimes going to 28°;2 some planets may go out of bounds by only a few degrees or scant minutes; some for brief periods, some for long spells. In each case, however, sometimes as planets approach the boundary3 and often more significantly the higher the degree, depending on other chart factors, "out-of-bounds" means personal planets acting in extreme ways, "beyond normal conditions or expectations", behaving like "wild cards", in an extraordinary manner with regard to the indicated ability or characteristic and in that area of activity delimited by locus in the natal chart. If no out-of-bounds planets are present in the radix, one or more may present through progression or transit, and in the latter case might as "trigger points".4  Boehrer's pioneering original research on the importance of declination in astrological interpretation has had significant influence in the field.

Two focal planets in my radix are parallel and out of bounds: Uranus and Pluto. Other natal factors I consider relevant are also out of bounds: Pallas, Aditi R, Amun, Persephone, Osiris, Isis, Algol, Capulus, and the Galactic Center. Uranus in the XIIth and Pluto in the Ist are very strong indicators of direction. Applying Boehrer's declination conversion to determine equivalent longitude for planets out of bounds, I find Uranus (23° N 40' 58") converts to 23N12, with equivalent longitudes at 22Gem20 and 07Can39, which are conjunct Vulcanus at 22° 57' 01" and Osiris at 7° 14' Cancer.  Pluto (23° N 51' 40") converts to 23N01, with equivalent longitudes at 19Gem44 and 10Can15, the former of which is conjunct the Point of Mother and Family, and the Point of Love and Marriage, both at 19° 11' 01" Gemini, closely conjunct the Point of Individuality at 18° 38' 57" Gemini.

Having now exactly opposed the natal Moon in the Taurus stellium, transiting Saturn in Scorpio with next oppose Mercury R and Sun. The importance of this TSaturn series cannot be overestimated   it last occurred in November 1984, in a transformational set of experiences that included very literal "out-of-bounds" problems and numenous phenomena. Of signal importance in this context is the work-through, the means by which issues raised can be worked with effectively, understood and integrated. In my case, that will involve both the Part of Fortune and the Ascendant in Cancer. Also, by progression, on or about 9 May 2014, Part of Fortune will conjunct Pallas in Scorpio, IVth House; shortly thereafter, PSun will leave the XIth, where is has traveled these past 32 years since just before the deaths of my brother and father in December 1982. TJupiter, now retrograding the XIth, is an important and affirming precursor here, a benevolent influence in this very active part of my chart.

Fixed star Algol (25° Tau 28' 08") is closely conjunct Sun (25° Tau 10' 22"), thus engaging Mercury R (22° Tau 16' 01") and Moon (20° Tau 44' 54") in the stellium, conjunct Capulus at 23° Tau 30' 23". These are all engaged by natal Pluto in Leo, worked through via Fortuna and the AC, the Virgo complement including Saturn, Juno and Mars, etc., integrated through our primary kite formation: Venus Pluto Neptune R Chiron R.

I recently came across an interesting phases-of-relationship grouping of the houses in a Clair Martin article from the CPA Seminar Series entitled "Mapping the Psyche", at Astrodienst.

The three house groupings are Personal, Social, and Universal.  I've applied them to the radix at left, with several rather complicated additions. The exercise has proven quite useful.

Three kite formations are indicated. Two are focused in the Personal, at Pluto in the 1st and Pallas in the IVth; one works through Lilith / Moon and engages the Xth House stellium by extension. There's one apical influence from the Social, via Persephone in the VIIth. Jupiter in the VIIIth and Nephthys in the VIth provide a social connection as well, but in ancillary terms; the respective foci are IVth and Xth Houses, Personal and Universal.

Also shown are three YOD kites.

One YOD is focused at the Galactic Center (Vth → VIth :: strong connection with the Sagittarius complement ties the GC to the Vth, but proximity focuses it on the VIth), with bases at Sun and AC, apex defined by multiple midpoints of significance at this, the beginning of the XIIth House.

A second YOD, focused at ADITI R in the Vth, is based at Mercury R and the Part of Fortune, with Vulcanus (22° Gem 57') at apex and the Parts of Individuality, Mother and Family, Love and Marriage all quite proximal (these apical factors are not shown).

And the third YOD is focused at Lilith in the Xth, based at Neptune R and Ceres R, with the Part of Identity at apex.

In all of these patterns we see emphasis of the Personal and Universal, with creative focus going to the Sagittarius complement, centered on the GC and ADITI R but including Chiron R, Ceres R and the Vertex — Ras Algethi is also here (15° Sag 21').

Much is happening with regard to Mater relationship these days, as might be expected with TSaturn opposing Moon. In the Vth and influencing the VIth we have the GC, two Mater figures, plus the Chironic wound, certainly connected with experience of a violent mother in early childhood and my inwardly directed orientation, the abundance of retrogrades — a focus on the source of creation...

Finally, pursuant to these matters of the Mater, I want to highlight something I came across in a chapter entitled "The spiritual rulers: Their practical role in the transformation", by Kathleen Burt (Llewellyn, 1988: 76-101). Writing about esoteric rulers and their importance in the interpretation of everyday fears and concerns peculiar to the ascendant, Burt describes Cancer esoteric ruler Neptune (apex in my core kite formation) as tending to curb instinctual mothering and dissolve the dependencies which may be thought to but do not in fact afford security; by increasing reliance on intuition and higher agency, Neptune dissolves fears and fosters transcendence. Neptune dissolves the tie to the negative mother, writes Burt, enabling development of the inner feminine and creativity.

Again, a useful review at this point; as was the list of esoteric rulers...

Aries: → Mercury
Taurus: → Vulcan-Haephestus
Gemini: → Venus
Cancer: → Neptune
Leo: → Sun of Illumination
Virgo: → Moon (Mother of Form)
Libra: → Uranus
Scorpio: → Mars (Spiritual Warrior)
Sagittarius: → Earth (Groundedness)
Capricorn: → Saturn (Duty beyond personal ambition)
Aquarius: → Jupiter
Pisces: → Pluto