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I don't know where we're going, but these things are on my mind.

31 August 2013

Five Axes and Associations

The chart at left was developed prior to the entry on Centaurs, after which my video card flamed out and I was unable to publish. Left with my iPad for research, I went back to writing in longhand and sketching aspect patterns. The present entry is a summary of findings from the past ten days or so.

Money has been a problem during this T-square ( Transiting Jupiter square transiting Uranus square transiting Pluto opposition transiting Jupiter ) and it became even more problematic with Transiting Jupiter square Venus conjunct transiting Uranus, which precisely coincided with the fire. In the same period I received an $1100 cheque which, though payable to me, cannot be deposited until I am able to determine whether it was sent in error. There was no money for food, let alone computer repair.

As fundamental and ineluctable as my impecunity appears to be, the loss of my PC proved more immediately anxiety-provoking, altering my daily study and production routine. My work, long hours spent in research, analysis and graphics creation, arguably constitutes a coping strategy that distracts me from recurrent food insecurity, social involvements and related risk-taking. Such a strategy might limit recognition of opportunity and contribute to feelings of ostensibly progressive "narrowing" of life. But I've felt disappointed, rather than disheartened. My awareness of internal transformation and sense of positive change have been unequivocal. While I remain unable to apprehend the nature of the transformation in conscious terms, that lack of clarity remains tolerable. Continuous attention is required in coping with the dissolution of past patterns as new schemata coalesce and engage but, beneath my anxiety, at a deeper level, I feel a profound calm, a "hidden" knowing, an immanence that guides the transformation.

Perhaps that sense of surety, or at least the feeling that I can handle these developments, is described by Transiting Saturn trine Jupiter conjunct Deneb Adige conjunct transiting Neptune Rx

Limited funds from another source became available on the 30th, and I was able to repair my machine. I wasn't sure I wanted or needed to make the repair — maybe I should "luddify" to simpler times — but the "hidden" came to the fore and action took place as if by override. The experience was complex. Action happened despite my uncertainty and indecision; it was the act of a will "unknown", clearly immanent and in control; yet I was also the actor — this is me, though rather hazily — I lagged slightly behind but it seemed I could intervene at any time, were I so inclined. And the action was also something I watched unfold.

Now back to working online, it's time to reify some of the new material.

Five Axes and Associations

AC/DC, MC/IC, Caput/Cauda, Vx/AVx, and EP/WP.
The first three have been covered extensively, so briefly, let's look at the Vertex and Anti-Vertex, the East Point
and the West Point.

Virginia Reyer (2000) writes that "[w]e can think of the Anti-Vertex as the cause, and the Vertex as the effect", such that "actions you initiate with the Anti-Vertex will be the effect you reap from the Vertex", and while we construe the AC as the face you show the world, "the Vertex shows how the world interprets that face. The Vertex points to the path of growth, the key to self-awareness." Reyer reads the Vx as she would the VIIth and Xth Houses, and AVx as she would the Ist and IVth.

According to Maritha Pottenger (1983), the "East Point and Antivertex can be interpreted as auxiliary Ascendants", functioning "as additional keys to one's basic identity, action, energy, drive and self-expression". She doesn't weigh them as important as the AC unless a major planet is conjunct. She reads the AC/DC, Vx/AVx and EP/WP as descriptive of the self/other polarity. She writes that the "Descendant, Vertex and West Point are all keys to our close, committed relationships," symbolizing "the feelings and experiences we seek through close others," providing us with "clues about balancing self-will and independent action with sharing and committing to others."  She asserts that it's easier "to personally identify with the eastern end of each axis" while, on the other hand, "easiest to disown and see as 'out there' (in other people) the western end".

Uranus is closely conjunct the EP; Polis is closely conjunct the WP. This axis forms the core of a kite formation, with Uranus [EP] at base, the point of focus; Jupiter and Pallas Athena as the wings; Polis [WP] at apex. Note also the proximity of the Galactic Center (GC) and Galactic Anti-Center (GAC).

The Vx/AVx axis forms the core of a different kite formation, with AMUN [AVx] at apex and Chiron Rx [Vx, Ceres, Aditi] at base, Pluto and Venus [Vesta, Caput, MC] as the wings. This emphasizes the Vth House.

The AMUN-ADITI opposition is especially interesting, given the nature of these archetypal significators, specifically with respect to Chiron Rx, an integral part of our chief kite:
Neptune Rx opposition Venus trine Pluto trine Chiron Rx

AMUN and ADITI can be applied as we assess the significance of the Chironic "psychic wound".

AMUN inheres in all neteru, and I might argue that, in the same sense, AMUN is the source of all personalities or identities. The XIth House deals with ideals, friends and associations. AMUN at this locus ordinates the gestalt, comprised of multiple principals. In connection with the causal Anti-Vertex, we're looking at the notion of multiplicity in personality, and the association of all principals. The ideal applies, for example, in terms of an egalitarian organization built on the principles of life, liberty, and security of the person (for example). The Vth-House effect of this is experienced in context of Chiron Rx.  AMUN opposes Chiron Rx, so the One who is many is apprehended as the many who are One.

Chiron Rx in the Vth presents "without a story of his own", a descriptor usually applied to AMUN, who takes as his own the stories of all other gods. Chiron Rx has capacity to imitate, to become by empathy, but hesitates to originate. If that seems absurd on its face, it nevertheless describes precisely what has seemed to be lacking in my case:  A clear sense of personal identity. I cannot self-create, merely imitate. In this sense alone I find some semblance of meaning in the Sabian Symbol for 21A Child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses.

Dane Rudhyar (1974:222-223) interprets this symbol to imply that psychospiritual growth may be accelerated by imitation of a level of consciousness not yet reached. He construes the process as similar to identification with a master, or akin to wearing the "mask" of a god to become, for all practical purposes, the incarnation of the god — Learning through imitation.  I prefer his interpretation to that of Marc Edmund Jones (1969:231), though I like Jones' keyword for the symbol: Examination.  What is being examined is personal identity in gestalt under aegis of Self. The process is about becoming, but it also about dissolving.

Note the proximity of ADITI, Mother of creation, from whom all is born. She is unity, and the Way thereto. ADITI is all-embracing, all-forgiving. The mother I lacked.

Source: Goddess Aditi : The Primal Creatix
Hindu Human Rights Online News Magazine. 5 June 2013. Color emphasis added.

Aditi [...] is the source of all gods and goddesses, and all the forms of nature as well as all the forces of existence are understood as her evolutes as they personify and represent the myriad expressions and finite faces of the 'infinity' that she is. This understanding has been the foundation of all matriarchal pagan religions wherein all forms of life, including the Gods and Demons are seen as contained within her womb. She is therein been called the Universal Mother.

The Rig Veda (10.72.3-5) explains the cyclic re-birth of the same essence through Aditi who is not only the source of creation but also the resultant creation:

'We shall very clearly state the story of the birth of the gods [...] Before the birth of the gods, being came into existence from non-being [...] From the creation-tree (uttanapada), came forth the earth (bhu), and the upper worlds (bhuvah) came forth from desire. Aditi gave birth to Daksa, and Aditi was born of Daksa again, O Daksa! Aditi is your daughter! All the Gods took birth later.'

The Katha Upanishad (2.1.7) also confirms:

'Aditi, who arises with life, is the soul of the gods (devatamayi). Having entered the secret chamber of the heart, she who was born with the beings remains there. She is verily that.'

Aditi is then apprehended not only as the cosmic expanse that pervades the universe outside but also as the inner substratum of human consciousness from which emerge the different levels of reality and experience.

The ancient Vedic cosmogony thereupon describes her as the Supreme Mother who gives birth to the Gods, who then go on to become the guardians of the universe and its Cosmic Order, as Aditi holds eternally within herself all that which she casts into the movements of the cosmos and the forms of the Gods.

And note also, from the second chart presented here, that the Saturn complement (IInd House) squares the entire Vth-House complement, continuously analyzing the composition and integrity of each assumed identity and performance. Creative drive (Mars) is focused on this task. But to what end?

The answer is found in aspect to Jupiter, which is quintile Aditi and Chiron Rx, as well as sextile Polis. Jupiter is also weakly square the Vx/AVx axis. VIIIth-House Jupiter goes to expansion of consciousness, to acceptance of the personal shadow, to evolution of the very concept of self in relation to the universal. We are engaging the IInd House (personal values), relative to the VIIIth (higher-order values), in terms of the XIIth (personal and collective unconscious) and IVth (psychological foundations) — dealing with the assumption and dissolution of identity for psychospiritual growth. The VIIIth is ruled by Uranus/Saturn.

I don't know where we're going, but these things are on my mind...