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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Using a chart to understand and create change.

25 June 2013

I will write a bit, here, to hold the space. Much of today has been spent considering the details of, and then creating the chart at right. I might add that I yearn to return to painting, but these chart analyses seem to be a necessary preliminary, helping me more fully assess and frame the path from this point, following the demise of

In the dreamworld last night, a great deal of activity took place in the 6th House, in a black-and-white dreamscape with many shades of gray. I worked repeatedly at figuring out a kite formation which seemed to reside completely in Capricorn.

I moved the pencil without fine or focused control, just sketching, unfocused, my real concentration elsewhere, screened from conscious awareness, as if the details were being worked out beyond my conscious capacity to comprehend, as if I were waiting to receive, a channel of some sort. Such attention as I could command was focused upon the kite, on what was being discovered, devised, coming into presence. It's like that, when I paint: the process is the focus, not the content. In this case, though, there was a gap.

My pencil moved lazily, felt more than thought, as if I were uncertain, waiting, moving in the absence of focus. As the drawing took shape, the normally hard edges of the kite were softer, and the image looked pudendal.  This association was matter-of-fact, without erotic implication. The process felt harmonious, unpressured, but it seemed more of a meditation than a concerted effort to realize a blueprint. I worked on it slowly, over and over again.

On waking, it took me much of the morning and early afternoon to puzzle through what I would do. When I began to work on the chart, it was obvious no kite to be found in Capricorn; but that region is indeed the focus of a kite formation, and Nephthys figures prominently there — she was often depicted as a bird of prey called the kite. I also learned of Iris, personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. And of Orpheus, legendary Greek musician, poet, and prophet. Terpsichore, too, one of the nine Greek muses, ruling over dance and dramatic chorus. All of these present in the second and third decans of Capricorn, in my 6th House.