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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Creative Focus

25-27 May 2013

Perspectives. A block of time, a month in the middle, a period of withdrawal and study ― the questions raised, addressed by different means, in different frames of reference. A simple all-inclusive summary proves elusive. It's not about cramming experience like too many clothes in a suitcase. The problem involves appreciation of the path, assessing the flow of experience, identifying the currents, the ebbs and flows. Working with words and images, discovering, learning from what gets wrote.

This is a solitary but cooperative venture. On this path there is an immanent but unseen master, a family of intimate agencies, and keen awareness of being taught, of contributing simultaneously to an inner gestalt and a broader reality through introspective study and creation. That's the most basic frame of reference. The illustrations below concern related perspectives at this transitional stage. Frames. Different ways of apprehending experience, building constructs, taking action...


This first illustration is a house chart of the lunar nodes, in the system of Moon Node Astrology developed by Bruno and Louise Huber (1991;1995). The Moon's Node horoscope presents as if a mirror, revealing motivations for what is found in the radix, the natal chart (2005:105ff). Signs run in reverse, in 30° arcs, beginning with the North Node at east. Note the dominant yods pointing to Chiron R, flanked by Ceres and Aditi; the nodal kite or boomerang yods are also shown (see figure C). Such charts are considered inner references (cf. draconic charts). In this case, partnerships and group focus are inwardly directed, with focus on psychological foundations and the 4th House.

More complicated, Figure B shows a grand sextile formation, the primary yod kite, and a kite comprised of Ptah - ♅ - ♆ - ♃, with two mystic rectangles. Ptah is ⊻ Mean North Node and Midheaven, which conjunct Venus in the 9th. This is the work focus.

This figure shows quintiles, biquintiles, and semiquintiles — creative foci (to Chiron and Venus) in two yod kites. The yod kites to the nodes are also shown. Many asteroids and fixed stars have been added in this case, to explore additional factors at play — in particular, my sense of connection with Orion (Osiris/Canopus), Isis (Sirius), Uranus and Part of Fortune in the 12th. Deneb Adige (Alpha Cygnus) — associated with artes — is conjunct Jupiter in the 8th: introspective efforts to expand consciousness. As with Chiron in the underworld, encountering shadow aspects of self, reintegrating, achieving wholeness.

This final figure presents the grand sextile and mystic rectangles as shaded background. Emphasized, however, is the dual kite formation shown in dark blue, with drive components in dodger blue. Key squares that stimulate response are shown in red. The two foci in Scorpio (Part of Identity ☌ Zubeneshamali, and Toliman) are also conjunct; both trine Prometheus and the Aries complement of MC ☌ ☊ ☌ ♀ ☌ ⚶, as well as the Cancer complement of Isis ☌ ASC ☌ ⊕ (☌ Canopus, Sirius, Osiris, ♅). The Cancer group triggers the creative drive, which engages Thuban ♄ ♂ ♆ and outputs via the Aries group.

29 May 2013

Superstitious awe of astrology makes one an automaton, slavishly dependent on mechanical guidance.

The wise man defeats his planets which is to say, his past, by transferring his allegiance from the creation to the Creator.

The more he realizes his unity with Spirit, the less he can be dominated by matter.

The soul is ever-free; it is deathless because birthless.

It cannot be regimented by stars.

Astrological constructs such as these are not predicated on the belief that the stars reveal all. There are innumerable variables and combinations one might apply in these analyses, resulting in different astrological patterns and consequential interpretations. These projects engage the entire gestalt in a cooperative developmental effort to discover an apposite psychospiritual framework for self-assessment and growth. They result from close attention to inner agencies operating under aegis of Self, where the objective is to figure things out, work through current psychoemotional issues (often an existential problem), generate an interpretive framework consonant with core values, and evolve a strategy to carry on in the unified gestalt. We are creating and working with a cognitive map.