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The Portal:  At the meeting of multiple dimensions.
Insights and tentative framings with the geocentric chart.

19 April 2013

tGemini △ ♆rLibra      t♆ ☌ ♃Pisces

Today the first of the above aspects is exact; the second soon will be, on 23 April, and then again, in periods of retrograde and direct motion, on 23 July (r), 18 February 2014 (d), 3 November (r), and 27 November (d).

In my experience, transits usually impact several weeks prior to exactitude. For about eight weeks now, we've been working on a reformulation, a psychophilosophical and existential shift of profound proportions.  No doubt that's a bit dramatic. This is where the path has led, might be said, only now it's more like a portal, a place of interpenetrating dimensions, rather than a road. Probably a space implicit from the beginning, hidden in potentiality. As to the precipitants of change, the answer is simplest framed as sudden unexpected income loss and need to break free, to clean house, to build anew. Transits of ♅ and ♇ figured prominently in this, and I anticipate they will continue to do so — these are dominant foci in my natus.

A summary of the change is premature, of course. We are under way, in a multiplicity of dimensions, I might say, though it is more that we have created a place of perspective, a spherical chamber from which infinite dimension are apperceived, and into which emissaries are received. Not that I fully appreciate what that means, as yet. Only that we can see what heretofore has been hidden, and not by that to imply intent but rather, the simple reality of the unseen or unattended. As long as I can remember I have been oblivious to much of mundane reality. As if I look but do not see what others record quite mater-of-factly, effortlessly, in precise detail. Some more ineffably intrinsic quality registers in me, a beauty, a harmony, an energy. Only when I imagine the creation of the form, when I become it so to speak, am I able to grasp the details. An extreme Introvert, an iNtuitive type, a Feeler, Judger.

All of that takes on a different significance at this point, trumped by new variables and valences, by a structural metamorphosis which has eliminated certain doubts and uncertainties, making evident the course now open — a way I could not see, preoccupied more karmically with mimicry and role. Rather than pursue more abstract frames at this juncture, let's look at some specifics. Details of this sort are more numinous to me.

In his discussion of Makemake, Karmic Astrologer Richard Brown tells us "[t]he teaching in western astrology is that when a new planet is discovered and named, the archetype of that planet becomes available for everyone". In discussing Orcus, he adds that "[...] each planet represents an energy which naturally resides inside all of us, and that each planet's energy is unique and different".

We've been considering several influences, some new and some familiar, studying certain aspect patterns in the natal chart. There's really no limit to the influences we might consider. If we stipulate that the archetype of a a planet or body newly discovered and named becomes available to everyone, the universe of known variables expands dramatically, and of unknown possibilities, unpredictably. Here's a chart generated at Serennu, showing a greater range of variable, rather beyond my comprehension. The art lies in identifying the relevant.

Galactic Center


Pallas Athene


Conjunction 0° (360° ÷ by 1)
Semioctile 16° (÷ by 22.5°)
Vigintile 18° (÷ by 20)
Semiseptile 25°43 (÷ by 14)
Semisextile 30° (÷ by 12)
Undecile 32°44' (÷ by 11)
Decile 36° (÷ by 10)
Novile 40° (÷ by 9)
Semisquare 45° (÷ by 8)
Septile 51°26' (÷ by 7)
Sextile 60° (÷ by 6)
Quintile 72° (÷ by 5)
Binovile 80° (2× the novile)
Square 90° (÷ by 4)
Biseptile 102°51' (2× the septile)
Tredecile 108° (3× the decile)

Trine 120° (÷ by 3)
Sesquisquare 135° (3× the semisquare)
Biquintile 144° (2× the quintile)
Quincunx 150° (5× the semisextile)
Triseptile 154°48' (3× the septile)
Quatronovile 160° (4× the novile)

Quindecile 165° (÷ by 15)
Opposition 180° (÷ by 2)

Humanistic Astrologer Noel Tyl has researched, written and lectured extensively on the quindecile, which he suggests be pronounced quin-deh-chee'-leh, to emphasize its importance.

"Quin-deh-chee'-leh" is the Latinate word for fifteen, referring to the fifteen-degree increments of all aspects in the 24th harmonic (360/24=15: 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150, 165, 180.
Of these aspects, all but the 105 and 165 are already covered (named) by existing aspect references. Research showed the 105 to be unreliable, inconclusive, insignificant, and boring; research showed conclusively, adamantly, that the 165 is an aspect of unrelenting motivation, obsession, determination, upheaval, disruption, even separation. [...]  I recommend a tight orb: 2 to 2.5 degrees; the theory being, the tighter the orb, the fewer the aspects, the more reliable the aspects at hand.

One or more quindecile aspects are found in probably 85% of all horoscopes. The quindecile, with rulership routings to be respected as well, suggests a burning point of focus, often a place of extreme concern and effort in the life, even to the point of upheaval, disruption, and obsessive mania. — 20 August 1999.

In attempting to delineate course of action, the following Quindeciles are especially instructive:

  1. MC ⚵ — 164°10
  2. ☽ ⚴ — 164°06
  3. ☿ ⚴ — 165°37
  4. Eris Mars — 165°27 :Eris Mars
  5. Jupiter Haumea — 165°14 :Jupiter Haumea

These quindeciles clearly suggest working to (1) achieve harmony among internal principals in relationship; (2, 3) identify the root of ideoemotional issues; (4) resolve conflict and discord by creative exercise of will; and (5) expand consciousness through creation of new forms.

Also note the preponderance of activity in the 12th, and the semisextile between Makemake (☌ ⊕Asc) and Haumea (☌ ♇).

Makemake Haumea — 29°43 :Makemake Haumea

The large glyphs on this page were developed by Denis Moskowitz.

Natal Chart, erected 19 April 2013.

The portal described earlier is a fitting image, I think, in
light of this material. It affords me an inner studio, a way
of apprehending the interpenetrating dimensions I'm now experiencing.

Poverty continues to bite. It seems I've gained no facility with respect to the Law of Attraction. But these are interesting times. I can stand to lose a few pounds.