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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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10-14 April 2013

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Solar vulcani systema
by lunar sensibilities
dreams imaginings
deep impressions
parallelities this
pranic continuity
purpose a mystery
yet inevitably about
ego integrity chthonic
chironic bleeds analyses
trancing liminality psykhe
sovereignly dustpan dancing
oncoming traffic a working out
reality feeling mirroring engaging
qi breaching any and every boundary
everyality Aditi in her most sacred arts
Ceres nurturing harmony and whole seeker
studying we create to see to hear reformulate
experience unfolds galactic center transpersonal.

Here we see five YOD formations: three traditional, each formed by sextile and two inconjuncts; and two golden, each formed by quintile and two biquintiles.

Some of this will be over my head, about which, of course, little can be said.  It doesn't seem to be important that I understand the minutiae — born with little RAM, merely oblivious or lacking capacity to apperceive or possibly filter independently, make sense of the larger scene, I receive, and have only to follow the leads.  Perhaps a bit more than that.  I can feel them, the energies moving through and maneuvering the dream, I can hear and sometimes see, and they are certainly in communication with me but do not specifically reveal themselves to me in physical form.  Perhaps they have none.  Maybe they have no need. Our shared reality is beyond what might be screed, can only be...  When thoughts are quieted down...

Consider this, by David Tresemer (2010):

The Galactic Center ― as swirls of heat, electricity, subatomic particles, and forces of gravity, all of immense size, even to the distortion and extinction of time and space as we know them, indeed as the disembodied and chaotic source of creation ― has no meaning unless compared to the coagulated, embodied earth, expressing itself in a version of time and space that we can call familiar, that is, part of our family. From our embodied selves on the embodied earth, we can experience the immensity of spirit force in the Galactic Center through its regent and representative, the Sun. When we attune to the Sun in all its power, beyond the measures of light and warmth, we can begin to feel the intensity of love focused there, and then emanating ceaselessly for all.

Perhaps this is why the Galactic Center has been obscured from view, to point our attention closer to home. The Sun represents the power of love of the greater center, stepping down further to the heart of the Earth and the heart of the human being. I experience the source, what some call the Central Spiritual Sun, in the Sun and its center, and also in my heart and in the hearts of others. The alignment of Sun, Earth, and Galactic Center merely intensifies a relationship that is there always, represented by the regent the Sun. That representative and the spiritual beings who reside there are with us always, not in some future time, but this very moment.12

And from Paul O. Hewit's terrific article (2009):

The GC is so active that astrologers could think of it in planetary terms, since that is what astrologers seem most comfortable with. I look at the GC by house position in every chart, and the Sagittarian theme works well. Solar arcs and transits to this spot in every chart bring up travel, educational, spiritual and philosophical themes in client discussions. One of the most devastating times for a client has been Solar Arc Pluto square the natal GC. A profound crises of faith and belief occurs almost every time.

Another very curious impact of personal planets in aspect to the GC is the "other worldly" psychological impact these aspects seem to create. Some clients with aspects to the GC speak of not feeling 100 percent human, or not feeling they have had human [ancestry]. Their inner dynamic is centered around feeling as if they have come to this planet from some other place. They describe thinking like a galactic ambassador, and feeling as if they are here representing energies, knowledge and civilizations that are extraterrestrial in origin. One client with 26 degrees Sag rising, related nightly dreams in many different alien bodies.11

The sidereal natus above presents another view of the YODs already described, as well as aspect patterns that include key asteroids and TNOs (see illustration): Eris, Vesta, Varuna, Orcus, Osiris, Makemake, Ishtar, Haumea, Chiron, Ceres and Aditi. Many more might have been added, but these clearly show the psychodynamic and psychospiritual focus from the 12th to the 5th house.  It is said that one becomes aware of the path when the time is right...

Some scholars believe that Orcus had no individual identity. Others argue from existing evidence that Orcus was the bringer of death... 16

As in the continuous elimination of limiting self-constructs.  Death and rebirth.  Transmutation.  I continue to contemplate Aditi, Goddess of the Luminous Void...  Ceres...  Chiron... And "the Sun of our Sun".11

New Discoveries

So I slept on the problem and this morning, realized I'd forgotten to illustrate the Orcus-Pluto septile.  The Pluto and Orcus piece by Nick Anthony Fiorenza14 suggested the importance of aspects between these two.  That seemed reasonable.

I set to work and, in the process, soon discovered a minor (but very important) kite, a septile-biseptile formation, with two trines meeting at the midpoint in Sagittarius (indicated at right in pale orange), as well as important quintile-biquintile aspects and a mystic rectangle ― all of which provided a great deal more insight regarding the significance of the Galactic Center, my cognitive structures and psychodynamics.

Note that this 7th/3rd harmonic kite features
♇ s Orcus s Varuna △ GC | Aditi △ ♇.

Midpoint of the biseptile is 1°21 Gemini | Sagittarius, so the focus is between Aditi and the GC.  The drive is perhaps best appreciated via Orcus (1°22 Gemini).

In Roman popular belief Orcus was the spirit that presided over death, barely distinguishable from Hades itself as the realm of the dead. He appears in funerary paintings in Etruscan tombs as a bearded, hairy giant. Gradually this spirit was absorbed into the Greek pantheon and Orcus was used as another name for Pluto or Dis Pater. Orcus survived in the language of the common people, however, whereas the other two deities fell into disuse and became part of 'intellectual' mythology.17

Key cognitive structures and dynamics are represented by
the core grand trine (⚶♀ △ ♇ △ ⚷), supporting three minor grand trines
(thus creating a kite formation in three directions, with ♇ in the middle.
The kites are stabilized by the mystic rectangle of ⚶♀ ✶ Amun △ ♆ ✶ ⚷ △ ♀⚶,
which supports the minor grand trine of Amun ✶ ♇ ✶ ♆ △ Amun.
Also note how the 5th-harmonic quintiles and biquintile (lime green) channel energies to ♇.

This exercise has proven remarkably productive.