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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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6 April 2013

Circumstances described by the 12th House serve to focus development beyond the narrowly personal or interpersonal, to the transpersonal and transcendent psychospiritual. The personal is not eliminated, so much as transmuted.  The only recourse to the restriction of personality is to rise above inherent limitations through self-transformation, by appeal to, internalization of, or intervention by the divine, objective consciousness, logos, or whatever one might understand as beyond the limits of oneself, yet of which one is a part, in which one belongs — the immanent source. Consider this:

Source: The Twelfth House and the Law of Compensation
Suzanne Rough. D.K. Foundation. (July 2002) Accessed 3 April 2013.

We do not access the collective unconscious through the twelfth house [...] — we do that through the fourth house. The collective unconsciousness is an aggregate of what has passed through the filter of the dualistic personality consciousness, which is the cause of suffering. Through the twelfth we access soul consciousness, a higher level that remains beyond duality.

The twelfth house is a like a bore shaft from the level of soul down to that of the personality. [...]

Then consider 12th House Uranus, (1) quintile Saturn; (2) square Caput/Cauda; (3) novile Mercury R, Venus and Mars; and (4) trine Jupiter. Plus the placement of Fortuna in the 12th, making the psychospiritual a subject of focus.

Source: The Twelfth House and the Law of Compensation
Suzanne Rough. D.K. Foundation. (July 2002) Accessed 3 April 2013.

Uranus in the Twelfth House
Uranus is working to free a person from a way of interacting with the group that can no longer serve his development. [...]

The effects of Uranus in the twelfth house are subtle but the theme is still that of the need to separate out from the anonymity of the group. When the twelfth house is involved the restriction upon the individual in past life has been contained within the nature of the spirituality, [discouraging] a focus upon the separated self. The sign and position of Saturn and the Moon should provide further detail about the nature of the inhibition.

Owing to its subtly, a person with this placement may fail to bring the challenge to consciousness or cooperate intentionally with the developmental imperative, in which case they may go through life with a sense of sadness that their individuality is not strong enough to earn them recognition and attention but too strong to enable them to lose themselves and their pain in union, the knowledge of which they have. Because the twelfth house is involved the sadness remains a secret, as do other existential crises arising in the House of Pisces.

The inhibition is a bit complicated because it involves Pluto, (1) square the entire Taurus stellium; (2) trine the Venus complement in Aries; (3) trine Chiron R and sextile Neptune R; (4) and parallel Uranus. The drive goes to self-analysis with emphasis on transcendence.