A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality
Richard Dagan

kainós ( καινός ) — new, fresh, new in quality (innovation), qualitative change, fresh development or opportunity – "not found exactly like this before" - esp., of new dramas [more than neos — chronological change]
new work • new forms and qualities • facultative change


seeing clearly

in two realms at once : the awakening

In the uraeus worn by the pharaoh, Nekhbet (Vulture Goddess) and Wadjet (Cobra Goddess) together represented the union of Upper and Lower Egypt, and they also served as protectors. An area in the temporoparietal region of the brain reliably causes out-of-body experience when electrically stimulated* — Nekhbet and Wadjet are shown at that doorway. Two aspects of "being" are indicated: one lives in and is focused upon mundane reality; the other wears the uraeus, is aware of the doorway, and is awakening to the true significance of that.

hermaphroditos gignesthai

An study of dynamic state, of potentiation and becoming, of Hermes and Aphrodite.



The Coming Change

the coming change