A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

About the paintings, the purpose and process...

triadic soul

triadic soul

Pieces presented in these pages are
produced in the course of introspective work.

Each piece is an exhibit in the simplest sense,
entitled, briefly annotated, and loosely grouped by theme.

Finished pieces reveal the hidden or forgotten,
manifest becoming and the newly begotten.
They are chiefly cathartic,
often chthonic, sometimes chimeric,
and always strangely alive.

But the publication itself is also on exhibit, as act and fact,
as part of the reifying process in egoic evolution.

The work of enlightenment is not about the elimination of ego,
but its development as an instrument in relation with apprehended immanence,
in communication and common cause with continuously changing players
engaged as 'voices' of agency in plural personality.

ἦθος ἀνθρώπῳ δαίμων
Heraclitus, Fragment 199* ethos anthropo daimon