A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality
Richard Dagan

About the paintings and what comes next...
Last Updated: 11 December 2016

To me an immediacy, painting for intrapsychic study begins with emptying, slowly
deeply breathing, willing to receive, opening to images and words that emerge from the dark,
infused, possessed by the passion of Lilith Tor and then engaging

Many 'voices' more, multiple principals of agency, the drive to understand, clarify,
come together, work as one with many arms to focalize, flesh, experience, explore.
Themes change as lines converge, colors shift, impressions merge.
Transmutation creates an emergent transform, not planned before.

Finished pieces reveal the hidden or forgotten, manifest becoming and the newly begotten.
They are chiefly cathartic, often chthonic, sometimes chimeric, always strangely alive.

triadic soul

triadic soul

This site was conceived as an online exhibit of various arts I've practiced for most of my life, in the course of introspective work and psychospiritual studies. Though I might describe myself in terms of these arts, saying, e.g., that I'm an actor, artist, astrologer, painter, poet, writer, whatever — the reality is that I do not self-identify with, or earn a living from any of them. Preferring a simple and a rather minimalist lifestyle, I am fortunate to have earned just enough to survive these past 30 years, and continue my studies.

Many remarkable opportunities have arisen from the Internet — in my case, since acquiring my first computer at the turn of the Millennium — for journaling, research of all descriptions, including astrological, and publishing. It's enabled new approaches, obviated the need for many things. There are several shelves of books in my small apartment, and a large heavy filing cabinet filled with articles laboriously gathered over the years. There are also scores of three-ring binders, journals hand-written and typed, including charts and illustrations compiled during a 12-year period of deep seclusion. Access to computers eliminated the need for most of that. But the journaling continued, as did practice of the other arts. Quite a number of paintings are now stacked against the walls.

But as I gained experience with the new technology, as more and more became available, it was possible to move a number of activities online. I was nonetheless disinclined to exhibit the arts except in context of the work which spawned them, for which they were practiced. So Shenjiva was begun in late 2011.

The arts were presented as a journal of inner work and therapeutic arts. As with po´etic verse, astrological briefs, studies and other essays, paintings were exhibited to illustrate the working through of psychoemotional and existential issues. That presentment continued for several years, and galleries grew.

But the painting and po´etics began to wind down some time ago, outpaced by renewed focus on astrology and related work, mantras, meditations, qigong. Paintings remain on exhibit here, in several small galleries, and it is likely there will be more in the near future, but a new site will be developed for artwork, chiefly forests, I think. That's planned for early 2017.