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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Divining a problem of structure and creative drive with Thor's Hammer.
Using a quadriform or arrowhead aspect configuration to work through transiting Saturn square Mars.

19-20-21 December 2016

Challenging aspects serve as spurs to development, but they tend to present in the form anxiety or fear of a troubling nature. When such troubles become disabling, when they interfere with creative process, impede understanding or thicken the air with dysphoria I am engaged, impelled to analyze, identify roots, take apart and rectify. There are several ways to do this, of course. I won't describe them here. But one of my preferred approaches is astrological analysis.

Transiting Neptune and Saturn have been engaging radical Saturn for some time now, respectively, by opposition and square. tSaturn recently squared Juno, and is moving toward exact square with Mars (~ 16.01.17), but that's already being felt. Time to identify and analyze the factors at play. The matters most often necessitating change have bearing on self- or group-concept, characteristics and contributing orientations, adjustments to our rede of beliefs and psychophilosophical perspective. All of this bears on our course of action, the activities we choose to pursue or otherwise must, and attitude.

tSaturn-5 initially squared Saturn-3, and now squares Mars-3, challenging egoic structures and frustrating creative drive. Treating these as descriptors of dynamics at play in the plurality of personality, we need to identify what structures are challenged and the underlying motivation(s), attachments, investments at play in the frustrated drive.

Our methodology, in this case, is to map the Mars-3:tSaturn-5 square, then run 135° aspects from each planet, noting their convergence as we create a quadriform configuration — 135°-90°-135°. We elaborate factors at each angle, identify relevant and resonant stars, asteroids, Lots, midpoints, other placements, loci, and associations. We also treat the 135° confluence as focus, as with the 150° focus of a YOD, and its opposite point as apical, directing or thematicizing the thrust of the effort.*

The following is our result.

*Note the Dragon's Eye at mid-right in the worksheet. There are different ways to conceive this symbol; for instance, the 'Y' may be construed as a choice between 'good' and 'evil'. We prefer a different interpretation. Inverted, as with the quadriform aspect formation, the 'Y' may be read as two forces becoming one, a synthesis; and the upward equilateral triangle, a projective force. In any case, the Dragon's Eye is a protective symbol.

Using a quadriform or arrowhead configuration to work through tSaturn square Mars.
Zones of engagement in the Quadriform Configuration</b>, with transiting Ketu conjuction, YOD and related aspects to Jupiter.


24-28 December 2016

This next chart follows from the previous, to show zones of engagement in the quadriform configuration, here construed as a central feature in the radix.

Of particular interest are the apical and focal regions, 4/10, inasmuch as we're assessing matters pursuant to those houses.

But as we see from the YOD formed along the transiting Nodal axis, with Ketu (to be followed by Pallas and Venus) conjunct Jupiter, belief systems are being tested in pragmatic terms.

The quadriform process clearly goes to the Jupiterian transformation.

Key nakshatras are also shown, of thematic interest.