A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Arts and Astrology: Seeing through and deeper view.
Development of an operational map of self-sense and action in a gestalt of multiple principals,
with perceptual revelation in egoic function.

13-17 December 2016

Building outward, reading from the aspect patterns at center, to the planets and points of the main ring, then to the stars and nakshatras indicated without, develop-
ment of the chart at left becomes a therapeutic means of working through, dealing with irrupting anxiety and structural confusion. The process of cognitive mapping in this sense serves to detach from investment, recenter and introspect, hear, see, and reconstrue with due cognizance of the group and root, attaining a deeper view of reality.

The exercise aims to better apprehend nature, orientation and path in gestalt, as indicated these past several weeks, during this time of transition, but what is most acutely observed, in the very act of identifying what there is to do, is how we do it, the shared workings of the group, the process of identifying and agreeing on what points, placements and patterns to choose. In the evolution of egoic function, we have shifted from focused media-
tion of ostensible disputes, differences of perspective or expressive transmutes in the group, to concerted effort in pursuit of a blueprint otherwise hidden from view.

This is a map of both discovery and intention, somewhat akin to a collage in the sense that the elements which comprise it present a whole that is greater than the sum, but there's another part of the process not thus described, and that is the sense of being led, guided to the the conclusion. This goes to the experience of immanent presence and core ordination. Apperceiving the deeper order...

At the moment, in this place at this time, what we see represents a good operational map of self-sense and action...

Note, among other things:

  • Almuten Figuris: Venus (conjunct MC-10, tredecile AC-1, novile MercuryR-11, binovile Uranus-12, septseminovile Identity-5).
    AK: Sun; AmK: Rahu; BK: Mars; MK: Mercury... Chara Karakas vary with chart type and values entered, selected ayanamsa, e.g.
    Singletons: Neptune AIR, Jupiter Social House, Universal Sign.
  • YOD kite Lilith focus (conjunct Almach/Menkar) in Bharani, with apex and T-square work-through at Pallas/ID conjunct Alpha and Delta Librae in Vishakha.
  • Activity: Mars-3 (conjunct Pythia, Alkes, Astraea) and Identity-5 YOD focused at transiting Uranus-10 → Revati/Ashwini shift; Mars/ID focus moving to Al Rescha (heliacal rising), with the Spica/Nekkar apical theme Chitra, Tvashtar, Celestial Architect.
  • Two minor grand trines form service pattern, focused at Dhanishtha, The Eight Vasus.
  • Transiting Pluto exactly conjunct Nepththys-6 Lady of the House, and Al Thalimaim Prior (Aquila).
    Transiting Saturn almost conjunct ChironR and Hygeia-5, Jyeshtha → Mula (2.17), approaches square Mars-3 and trine tUranus-10 (Ashwini/Revati transition of Mars/ID focus).