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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Assessing Nature, Orientation and Path.
Selected parans and aspect formations in a cognitive mapping of identity and path of action, age 66 years, 5 months, 5 days.

17-21 October 2016

I have eschewed the Placidean and a few other systems of house division in work with the radix when placements of planets and points prove problematic, are intrapsychically dystonic, generate identificatory dissonance, impede productive framing of the psychoemotional issues we need to work through. We've found Regiomontanus of particular utility in recent studies, though we compare findings from different systems in each case. Except in limited contexts, certain thought experiments for instance, Placidus has not been an apposite system for our radix. Until now...

In this brief, Placidus affords results perfectly in keeping with our objective, which involves elucidation of an overview in ego-Self relation, in the plurality of personality, nature, orientation and course of action in gestalt — at this particular period of development.

One of the main shifts in house placements during the Regiomontanus work resulted in Moon-10, Mercury R-10/11, and Sun-11. These loci remain sensible. A syntonic read requires Pluto-1, Rahu-9/Ketu-3, Saturn-3 and Mars-3, Uranus-12, and so on. But until we adopted the birth time of 09:32:13 CST, a solar adjustment of some 23'13" from the recorded time on the birth certificate, this array or suite of placements could not be achieved with Placidus,.

Now, it can. With the result that the solar stellium is entirely in the 11th. That's of particular importance at this stage, not because I'm suddenly less the hermit and participate in a vast network of social acquaintences but rather, because awareness makes evident the transpersonal connectedness of the network I experience internally, among gestalt principals.

The cognitive map below is a better rendering of this occurence than my words might allow. There is a great deal of information contained in this simple illustration. The exercise has be very rewarding.