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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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The Quadriform Matrix.
Radix and Parans, Selected Points and Parts, Constellations and Nakshatras.
Key factors in current analysis, September 2016.

5-18 September 2016

I retired with a sense of completion after publishing the August study on adjustments to the radix, but ideas of Porrima (Caphir) recurred throughout the night, prompting further study in the morning.

Porrima [γ Virginis] is a white binary, m=2.74, in the waist of the constellation Virgo. Carmenta (Carmentis), a Roman divinity of healing, procreation and prophecy, had attributes — they were later regarded as sisters or attendants, as distinct beings, to whom expectant mothers prayed and made sacrifice) called Porrima (aka Prorsa, Proversa, or Antevorta, 'head first'), and Postvorta (aka Postverta, 'feet first'), invoked by pregnant women in childbirth for either of the two positions in which a baby might be born. With respect to prophecy and divination the terms also refer to knowledge of the future and past.

This following chart is the result of further study, and is built upon the discovery of a quadriform matrix formed in the core of a radix predicated on the August adjustment, but here expanded to include

  • additional stars at the natal horizon or meridian; selected stars rising, setting, in culmination or lower culmination;
  • Pleiades Cluster: M45LongitudeDeclination
    *Alcyone29° Taurus 17'34"23°57'14" N
    *Atlas29° Taurus 39'23"23°54'14" N
    *Pleione29° Taurus 40'48"23°59'14" N
    *Maia28° Taurus 58'51"24°12'53" N
    *Electra28° Taurus 42'45"23°57'34" N
    *Taygete — data unavailable
    *Asterope29°Taurus2'25"24°24' 6" N
    *Celaeno — data unavailable
    *Merope28°Taurus59'59"23°47'45" N

    Pluto (23°51'39" N) and Uranus (23°40'58" N) are both out-of-bounds and parallel, as they are to these stars in M45.

    Hubble's look through the Pleiades (M45).
    Image: NASA, ESA and AURA/Caltech.

    constellations of particular indentificatory importance
    — e.g.:
  • Arabic Lots bearing on matters of identity and course in plural personality and egoic evolution in the experience of immanent presence.

Additional insight regarding the quadriform matrix is afforded by the nakshatras shown in the outer circle. Six nakshatras are highlighted with reference to the quadriformations, but all are helpful in assessing these new additions to our cognitive framework and mapping.

Note, e.g.:

  • The focus on Spica-4, in Chitra, at the midpoint of Mars-3 and
    the Lot of Identity-4/5.
  • Amun-11, in Rohini.
  • Nephthys-6 amidst Aquila and Vega in Purva Ashadha.
  • Venus/Vesta-10 conjunct MC in Revati;
    Apollo/Typhon-9/10, Rahu-9 in Uttara Bhadrapada;
    Ketu-3 and Porrima/Vindemiatrix-3/4 conjunct IC in Hasta.
  • Mars/Astraea/Alkes in Uttara Phalguni.