A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Transiting Neptune opposition Saturn square tSaturn trine MC-Venus
With associated transits and formations of impact during this period, especially the Pluto/NeptuneR YOD on the tRahu/Ketu axis. And Lot of WORD as apex of a quintile kite formation with Lilith/PoF focused at ChironR.

7-10 July 2016

Transiting Neptune opposes Saturn and both square tSaturn, which trines MC-Venus. Feelings are fuzzy, but most salient in the mass appears to be uncertainty regarding what to do. No doubt there's a tMars tension there too, opposing the stellium. As transiting Mercury Sun Venus journey the 12th, I feel restrained and restricted with respect to physical work and production, my torn Achilles' tendon, financial insecurity, and a generalized sense of futility, or, more fuzzily, a sensed withdrawal, an absence of drive, a disconnect from the desire to create or participate in this reality. I have to assess the structure of this ... or get a handle on the deconstructure.

And there is indeed a great deal at play. The tNeptune opposition Saturn square tSaturn formation shown at right stand in close relation to the transiting Rahu/Ketu axis. tNeptune is now retrograde in Shatabhisha Nakshatra, but will join
tKetu in Purva Bhadrapada in Novem-
ber 2016. tRahu will conjunct Saturn in Hasta in early September.

I'm getting into this.
Internal communication is clear,
strong. I feel grounded, engaged.

And next comes the discovery of WORD, the Lot (aka Art, or Treasure), conjunct Amun-11, at the apex of both a quintile YOD and trine kite focused ChironR-5 (or in the 8th, if we're reading houses clockwise — which works very well here).

Note the YOD kite formed on the tRahu-2/11—tKetu-8/5 axis, with Pluto-1/12 and NeptuneR-4/9 at wings.

And the YOD to Jupiter focus, with Spirit-1/12 and Ketu-3/10 at wings.

In this period of tSaturn-5/8 trine MC exactitude and following, many people approach to talk about personal issues... Chart analyses are provided, and more. The transit remains in play, and returns to exactitude in mid-September this year.