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More on Rahu/Ketu N/S bendings,
key natal aspect formations, and current transits.
A deeper look at points of transition.

18-19 July 2016

Following closely upon the two immediately previous, this entry presents a closer look at the Rahu and Ketu "bendings", square both lunar nodes. The region of the South Bending is 90° (± 3-5° orb) clockwise from Rahu, since the mean (which we use, rather than the more wonky 'true') nodes move anticlockwise, backward through the zodiac. The region of the North Bending is found 270° (± 3-5° orb) clockwise from Rahu.

We're using Placidus, a system of house division long eschewed because particular house place-
ments proved inapposite in my case, but which delivers useful results with the birth time shift to 09:32:13 CST (+ 23'13", a solar adjustment we apply for calcula-
tions going forward) : e.g., Pluto now presents as it should in the 1st, but is proximal to and influencing the 2nd. The angles and Lots work much better for our purposes. Clockwise read of the houses also affords insight.

Regions of nodal bending are highlighted and the grand square is evident, as are selected supporting patterns, especially YODs, kites and aspect series, including noviles, quintiles, and septiles. Regional conjunctions include
Uranus/Osiris-12 at North, Lachesis-6 (Gk: Λάχεσις, Lakhesis, "the Apportioner of Lots", second of the three Morai, who assigns fate, who carries a staff with which she points to the horoscope on a globe) at South bending. Note that the Lot of Spirit is a Rahu/Ketu work-through, squaring apical Ptah-10 and thus engaging Jupiter-8 | Pallas Rx-4 | Uranus/Osiris-12 kite. A YOD kite is formed with Rahu-9/Ketu-3 axis, Jupiter-8 and Uranus/Osiris-12 at wings.

Neptune is AIR singleton here, read as conjunct Ketu via the IC mid-between.
Venus Almuten Figuris is closely conjunct the MC and similarly Rahu.
Jupiter, leading planet in the locomotive pattern and first slow-mover to rise before the Sun (Atmakaraka),
is also a singleton, septseminovile both Neptune Rx and Sun.

Not shown in this illustration but studied during this brief is the large number of conjuncting transits (including Saturn)
to the South Bending in early 2018.
Cf. Transiting Saturn Square Saturn: At the third inception of a 30-year cycle. 14-27 January 2016.