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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Worksheet exploring planetary nodes,
Rahu/Ketu bendings, patterns and transits.
With comparison of trop geo, helio and sid geo charts.

11-16 July 2016
Write-up on the 19th.

Worksheet exploring planetary nodes, Rahu/Ketu bendings, patterns and transits for 15.07.16.

Once again I'm amazed by the free online chart-creation services provided by Astrodienst. Recent additions include a long list of ayanamsas, and I've just discovered the "Anglo", shown here, among the many chart drawing styles available. I've benefited greatly from these services over the years, relied on their calculations to create innumerable charts, used Photoshop to adapt them as desired. Thank you, Astrodienst! And while I'm at it, thank you too Anatoly Zaytzev, for Zet Lite, an exceptional freeware tool, which I always use in parallel. And thank you P.V.R. Narasimha Rao, for the amazing JHora freeware.

I have not found the planetary nodes of much utility in this analysis, nor in predictive terms. Perhaps in time...

But the work led me to the Bendings (see references in the subsequent brief), and there are in fact certain discoveries of note in that regard, where nodes present in the region of the North Bending. The NJupiter node is conjunct Uranus, for example, as is NVesta — all in Ardra Nakshatra, ruled by Rahu and Mercury.

As tMars-8 opposed the stellium-11, a brief transit in February this year but again in play since mid-June and tentatively construed as the root of my disquiet, chart comparisons among Trop Helio, Trop and Sid Geo proved useful in the effort to work through. I felt compelled to withdraw from everything and focus more intensely on the work. The Sid Geo chart shown here presents a preferred format, an ego-syntonic representation, but was, alas, of little practical use in resolving the accompanying dysphoria. On the way to breakthrough, however, which involved discovery of Lachesis in the South Bending (see the next brief), the Trop Helio chart made evident two matters in particular, and one already known, that afforded food for thought:

Jupiter square Moon   |   Venus square Mars   |   Saturn square Chiron

tVenus stood conjunct Pluto; tNephthys opposed Mars; and tSaturn neared Chiron.

Lachesis was found sextile Jupiter and Mars in a minor grand trine.

The kite formation was prominent, with Neptune at apex, Ptah at focus, Pluto and Chiron at wings.

And in Trop Helio, Pluto is FIRE singleton as well as Atmakaraka. Saturn is MUTABLE singleton and Atmakaraka among septener planets. These thoughts proved ordinating.