A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Transiting Neptune opposition natal Saturn
and other matters of interst at the 66th solar return.

9-26 May 2016

These days in radix studies we work with three different birth times, 23'13" before and after the recorded time of 09:09 CST. The earliest (08:45:47) is the Solar equivalent of the recorded time, which is the Solar equivalent of the latest time, 09:32:13 CST — the time we're using here to assess the leading-edge in psychophilosophical perspectives and developmental initiatives going forward.

The Worksheet we've created is a rather complicated cognitive map that addresses a host of issues bearing on a fundamental shift in egoic awareness and operation. I feel this at a fundamental level, understand it as a transmutation, and experience it existentially as if half here, half in another dimension, strangely 'out-of-time'.

This Journal has been in many respects an attempt to illustrate internal process. With regard to the astrological components of Shenjiva, the briefs and studies serve as work-throughs for me and clearly indicate, I think, the utility of chart assessment in eliciting insight and elucidating concepts consistent with personality and psychospiritual orientation. One might pursue such work in this line of enquiry alone, or, as was intended at the beginning and expressed in the poem on opening page of the site, explore a broad range of arts.

This exercise has made evident the need to leave the monastery.

  1. Neptune is AIR singleton in this trop geo chart — cf. Saturn, FIRE singleton in sid geo Druva/GC at mid-Mula for example, and Pluto, FIRE singleton in helio trop), and tNeptune is of chief concern in this exercise as it opposes natal Saturn May 2016 through February 2018. The transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto also figure prominently in this period, but tNeptune remains the focus at play. Using Koch and reading clockwise we note that tNeptune-5 engages the 3rd and 1st while opposing Saturn-11, which describes an intrapsychic or internally apprehended 'network' in my case, with limited social contact. That style of life is being challenged by tNeptune, or apperceived in different terms, in scales anew.

    • tNeptune [Shatabhisha, ] is conjunct Anubis-5 tridecile Lot of Identity as well as Pranapada Lagna in the 9th, Scorpio [Vishakha, Jupiter], moving toward trine [Purva Bhadrapada, Jupiter]. Note that Arudha Lagna is closely conjunct Anubis-5.

    • We see a binovile-quintile-YOD formation, illustrated in yellow. The focus of this formation (1525'13" Pisces) [PBhad, Jupiter] is currently a few degrees counter-clockwise tNeptune which, through several periods of retrograde, remains in close proximity thereto through December 2019 and beyond. The focus is bracketed by Zeta Pegasi (aka Homan) and Ankaa (a star on the neck of the Phoenix, cf. Bennu Bird). The House is 5, ruled by Neptune.

    • Lot of Destiny-3 (conjunct Vesta and Venus) [Revati, Mercury] is sextile the focus and trine Pluto-12, part of the core kite formation focused on Venus-3. The art is communicating. Deity: Pushan, the Nurturer. Moksha.

    • tUranus-3 is focus of a YOD between Mars-10 [Uttara Phalguni, Sun] and Identity-9. It is also trine Pluto-12 and closely engaging Vx-8/AVx-2. The impacts here are financial is conjunction with communication initiatives.

  2. tPluto-7 [Purva Ashada, Venus], midway between tNetune and Identity, also engages both Saturn-11 [Purva Phalguni, Venus and Lilith-3 [Bharani, Venus], moving toward trine with Moon|MerR|Sun-3 [Krittika, Sun].

  3. tSaturn-8 [Jyeshtha, Mercury] squares tNeptune-5 and Saturn-11 but trines Venus-3 [Revati, Mercury] and Pluto-12 [Ashlesha, Mercury].

    • tSaturn in House 8
      Thoughts of mortality are prominent during this period. Matters of diet, digestion, circulatory and biomechanical issues present with increasing frequency and exhibit a variability I find confounding. Some capacity to focus is retained in assessing and addressing these problems, and in certain respects I am discovering the body anew. But I'm also confused, cut loose from role performance, now needing to communicate in a different way, not in the less direct manner I am wont to relate. In terms of identity and intrapsychic organization, cathartic transitions are mark familiar cycles of death and rebirth. The current sense is physically intimate, and I have the distinct impression I am accompanied by a Shadow presence, who takes my arm, guides me, in transition, half-in half-out the space I normally inhabit, immanent presence overseeing. Anubis. Amun.

    • Finances have always been a matter of concern, though never really addressed beyond achieving conditions and circumstance that enable maintenance of an essentially independent, minimalist lifestyle and the freedom to pursue my work. Acquiring money, in and of itself, has never been a priority. Lack of money limits opportunity to explore certain avenues of enquiry I might like to pursue, but priority goes to identifying the deeper desire at issue, so much of what kama irrupts is observed and analyzed, reduced and ruled out. When I have money, however, impulsive behavior often results in depletion of funds to the point that existence becomes more ascetic than minimalist — as if having fewer options (or distractions) is a preferred state. Yet there's a continuous undercurrent of anxiety with respect to pecuniary security and stability, and this becomes acute in such ascetic periods. In positive terms, that serves to sharpen creative focus and discipline. The circumstance is deeply upsetting, but I can change my condition by analyzing the anxiety, working it through — actions which inevitably lead to a new avenue of study or creative pursuit. In the absence of a more embracing psychophilosophical understanding of money, however, or of place in the universe, of belonging to as opposed to being in, the basic concern is not removed. It is used, but not transcended.

    • Chariklo R, Ceres R, Vx and Chiron R are in the 8th [Jyeshtha, Mercury; Artha, material prosperity], as is the Galactic Center [Mula, Ketu; Kama, desire], all conjunct by extension. And tSaturn holds court here through December 2017. We have been treating of the GC as the Sun's Sun, as the ultimate focus of the chart. I appreciate all of this in terms of the individual within the collective, even as egoic function among multiple principals in gestalt under aegis of immanent presence — which is to say, the intrapsychic or internally apprehended collective. But as tSaturn-8 traverses the Sagittarius complement, simultaneously engaging NeptuneR-9, Pluto-12 and Venus-3, we have opportunity to work at the practical reality in terms of interpersonality. Still walking with Death, I'm not quite sure what that means.

    • tSaturn-8Sagittarius squares tNeptune-5Pisces and Saturn-11Virgo, but both tSaturn and tNeptune aspect tPluto-7Capricorn [Purva Ashada, Venus and, in 2017, Uttara Ashada, Sun], which trines Moon/MercuryR/Sun-3 and (Saturn-11)Juno/Mars-10. tNeptune is sextile tPluto. tSaturn-8 and tPluto-7 are undecile (L. undecim, eleven; aka elftile = 32.75) at the solar return, and they remain connected in a series of significant minor aspects through 2020 and beyond, strongly affecting the radix in trines from the 8th and 7th to the 3rd, 11th and 10th.

      In a unsourced passage attributed to Michael Freedman (nom-de-plume of Michel Corbold) [and see related work here and here], we read that the basic principle of the undecile series (32.75, 65.45, 98.2, 130.9, and 163.65)1 is "the need for a capacity to reconcile opposites or dualities" as in the practice of ritual magic, which is filled with double-binds that require you "to go ahead on your journey and maintain your balance, despite having only ambiguous maps as a guide and traveling through shifting mists and over unsteady ground". Some read the undecile as indicative of "psychic gifts"2 or heightened intuition or a science-minded approach, especially when the aspect affects the 3rd, 9th, 10th and 11th.3

      From a numerologic perspective Hans Decoz writes that the Master Number 11

      [...] represents instinct, and is the most intuitive of all numbers. It is your connection to your subconscious, to gut feeling and knowledge without rationality. Because the 11 has all the qualities of the 2 (since 1 + 1 = 2), the negative points of the 11 — anxiety, shyness, stressed energy — are balanced out by the 2's qualities of charisma and inspiration. 11 is the dichotomy number, meaning it is both extremely conflicted and also a dynamic catalyst.

      The danger of the 11 is that it needs to be focused on a very specific, concrete goal. If you have 11 in your chart and it isn't attached to a specific project, you will most likely experience anxiety and fear. It's extremely powerful and capable of great things, but can also be extremely self-sabotaging when not used correctly.

      Undecile aspects are not uncommon. Several of them present in the radix, and all planets and points in these combinations figure prominently in chart dynamics.

      Saturn-Neptune Uranus-Spirit Uranus-Isis Pluto-Juno Venus-Lilith(T) Lilith(T)-MC

      For example, we know that in sidereal Dhruva Galactic Center at mid-Mula, e.g., Pluto is AK as planet of highest degree and NeptuneR is AmK, whilst Saturn is AK by traditional read and is also FIRE singleton. We've already seen that NeptuneR is AIR singleton in trop geo, and Pluto is Fire singleton in helio trop. Uranus is parallel Pluto and quintile Saturn. Venus is Almuten Figuris and focus of the core kite. Lilith trines Saturn and Nephthys, and is focus of an Identity kite in the Origen chart. Rahu/Ketu square Uranus but trine/sextile Spirit, making it the work-through, and Spirit is tredecile Identity. And so on... They're each important, but of different nature and impact, so the pairings present something of a dichotomy which necessitates a blending of energies.

      Saturn-11Virgo and NeptuneR-9Libra, for instance: structure and boundary vs. boundary dissolution and transcendence, or ratiocination vs. inspiration, separation vs. mergence, etc. Response to this combination might be analysis of received input to achieve a psychophilosophical synthesis contributing to the stability of self-concept in the intrapsychic community and its artful self-expression as a unity.

      In a similar sense tSaturn-8Sagittarius and tPluto-7Capricorn might suggest a different view of collective values relative to personal rights and freedoms, with assumption of responsibility in pragmatic terms affecting partnership and social order, hierarchy, laws, etc. Response to this tSaturn-tPluto undecile, as it engages key patterns in the radix, will obviously lead to greater contact, new avenues of experience and venues for expression of the group; the primary stressor might be anticipated to involve acting in the absence of a consciously apprehended plan. Somewhat difficult to frame while in process, this egoic transmutation appears to involve a different understanding of the social milieu, of interpersonality, referring to what is created through interaction. Given the several YOD formations with 8th-House focus to the Sagittarius complement, ChironR and the Galactic Center, transpersonality might be the more appropriate term, because the psychophilosophical shift goes to the greater whole and interconnectedness. It doesn't really matter at this stage. I don't understand it yet. I'm working to analyze a dissolution in progress, and, nonetheless aware of immanent presence, I'm not really sure what's happening ... except that it is.

    • tSaturn-8/7 and tUranus-3 move in and out of trine during this period, exact in December 2016 (@ 2030' SagittariusAries) and again in September 2018 (~ 225' CapricornTaurus). tSaturn-8 opposes Uranus-2 [Ardra, Rahu; Rudra; kama] in January 2018, tUranus will trine the GC in March, and tSaturn will again oppose Uranus-2 in September, that year. I'm pretty much working day-to-day at the moment, but that tSaturn locus would form a grand square with Rahu/Ketu and Uranus... Meh. tPluto-7 round then is [Uttara Ashada, Sun; Ten Vishvadevatas, Moksha] trine the stellium and Mars, sextile Identity, quinundecile (163.65), quindecile (165) Spirit.

  4. tJupiterR remains in separating conjunction with Saturn-11 [PPhal, Venus] and will enter the 10th about 3 July 2016, then to conjunction with Mars-10 [Uttara Phalguni, Sun] in August; it will simultaneously trine the Taurus stellium-3 (Kritikka, Sun]. This bears on 'career', friendship, helping relationships ... Aryaman, Moksha.

  5. tRahu-5 | tKetu-10
    About 1 July 2016 the Nodal axis will conjunct the Pluto/NeptuneR midpoint, Virgo and Pisces 1525'13", focus of the binovile-quintile-YOD formation.

    tKetu-10 [Hasta, Moon] (Savitar, Moksha).

    tRahu-5 [Purva Bhadrapada, Jupiter] (Aja Ekapada — represents the axis mundi, Artha;
    closely associated with Ahirbudhnya → Uttara Bhadrapada, Saturn : Nakshatra in which Rahu presents).

    Last Inverse Nodal Return took place in June/July 2015 (True/Mean).