A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Transmutation and the new relocation chart.
Exploring the significance of a metamorphic shift in egoic function and possible developments
using a relocation chart erected from a newly derived birth time.

In Radical Rectification (7-18 Oct 15) we converted our local birth time (recorded on the birth certificate) to solar time: 09:09 CST → 08:45:47 CST, Solar. This result was used to recalculate the radix. Little changed with respect to planetary positions, but the angles and derived points such as Lots showed significant difference. We'd worked productively with the core time (09:09) for many years, but last October a needful change became clear (tJupiter conjunct Saturn) and this new time was construed as an origin, some 23'13" earlier than what I'd taken as true.
The core time wasn't abandoned, merely apprehended anew...

More followed in studies related to or branching from this issue until, in Transmutation (14-27 Feb 16), the previous brief, we came to conclude that another time of birth is apposite, unseen hitherto, in description of the leading edge, of developments present and going forward in gestalt. That new time, 23'13" after 09:09, is 09:32:13 CST, which, when converted as local time to solar, is 09:09.

Working with these three times and their respective angles in the radix has enabled better appreciation of the egoic metamorphosis now at play, as a process in time, conceived as an arc, rather than a point. And while we've spent quite a bit of time evaluating all of them now, each with the others in mind and the span of their significance through the signs — using sidereal and tropical, the arc runs through Gemini, Cancer, and Leo (something we've observed before, that my Ascendant really runs across those three signs) — the nature of egoic metamorphosis in these current transits is not adequately described by any of the three charts. A conceptual connection is missing.

Relocation chart for Ottawa and the time going forward

Ottawa has been my home about 46 years now, and while I've worked with relocation charts using both core and, more recently, origin birth times, the time going forward is of much greater importance in our assessments at this stage.

Presented below are tropical and sidereal relocation charts for Ottawa, using 10:32:13 EST.
The trop geo Porphyry chart shows supporting aspect patterns in the radix and salient transit-natal aspects from tPluto and tSaturn extending over the next few months.

The sidereal Rohini-paksha whole signs charts, D-1 and D-9, provide another perspective as we approach the transition from the (Ashtottari) Mercury to Saturn Maha Dasha, just after my 66th solar return. Note that the Lot of Identity (on the 4-5 cusp) and Pranapada Lagna (6 - 9th from Moon in D-1, 7th from Moon in D-9) are very closely conjunct.

The current period does not involve the same sort of cathartic change most often explored in this Journal, consistent with the build-up and break-down of self-concept in relation with multiple principals in plural personality, and, I might add, consonant with Moon square Pluto in the radix. This transformation is different, more fundamental, feels rather like emerging from a cave, entering a world in many respects already familiar, as if preparations had long been under way, only now being apprehended ... as events take place.

What I've begun to understand is that the scope of our work is shifting from intrapsychic structural and transpersonal focus to the matter of time and unfoldment. More simply perhaps, from purely analytical work to predictive, from reading organization and dynamics to reading patterns of unfoldment...

Rahu-9, Ketu-3 D-1.
Ketu-4, Rahu-10 with Saturn and Md D-9.

Note that Mercury is Atmakaraka (AK) here, with Moon Amatyakaraka (AmK), Saturn Bhatri-karaka (BK), Venus Matri-karaka (MK), etc. As I write these words the Rahu Praana-antaradasha begins in the Maha Dasa of Mercury, which concludes in late May of this year.

In D-1, note also the placement of Saturn with Md and Gk in 2, Mercury and Moon with BB in 10, Sun in 11, and PP in 6. Karakamsa is 12, with Uranus (Mercury/Vayu).