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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Cognitive mapping of metamorphosis in egoic function and plural personality responding to key transits at the inception of a new Saturn cycle three months prior to the 66th solar return.
Shifting birth time in self-transformation.

14-27 February 2016

In the absence of a known, rectified or otherwise reliable birth time we may use a hypothetical, most often noon, to erect a horoscope with no angles. A precise birth time is preferred because it enables more accurate calculation of planetary positions, especially the Moon, and derivation of axes, AC/DC and MC/IC, angles from which, depending upon the system we use, we might establish hemispheres, quadrants, houses, find other points such as the Lots, and frame further interpretations. All personal radices might be regarded as hypothetical, however, in the sense that the precise moment of inception, when the chart begins, is subject to interpretive definition. It may precede the birth and first breath, for example, or follow it. Perhaps it isn't even knowable, or meaningful as a single point in time.

Still, we prefer a starting point. In Radical Rectification, a brief written as transiting Jupiter formed conjunction with natal Saturn, we rectified our recorded (birth certificate) time from 09:09 CST to 08:45:47 CST, Solar1. This new time slightly shifted the luminaries and Mercury but made no significant difference in any of the planetary positions or aspects. The angles and Lots shifted by several degrees, however, and that seemed to clarify certain interpretive anomalies accommodated, requiring tolerance of conflicting perspectives, during years of experience with the 09:09 chart. The rectification appeared to correlate quite well with key events over the course of my life (see Age Point Progression).

In the process of that study we also worked with the Chandra Kundali, the Moon chart — reading the Moon as lagna (AC) or treating its sign as first house. And the Surya Kundali, the Sun chart, which is thought to describe outer-world initiatives, relative to the lunar inner-world. In my radix Moon and Sun are closely conjunct (within 4°30'), with MercuryR in the middle, so Chandra and Surya Kundali are the same. Analysis of the Moon/Sun chart proved especially helpful in resolving other matters of lingering dissonance in radical studies. It afforded new perspective, greater emotive resonance, affirmation and satisfaction. These charts are extremely helpful.

But the birth chart remains central for introspective work, in cognitive mapping, problem identification, and working-through. In this case, rectification of the recorded birth time seemed to establish a point of origin or foundation for me, in a gestalt of multiplicity, and that continues to feel quite solid — a birth time some 23'13" earlier than 09:09. A very interesting result, not based on verifiable fact but inwardly guided sensibility. The number 23 kept coming back to me, and the results have proven to be apposite...

But that rectification has not proved sufficient to frame the current issues, affirmational influences combined with conceptual conundra and action uncertainties conveyed by Mars and the heavy-mover transits now at play in the radix. And work on that problem has resulted in a third birthtime, this one 23'13" after 09:09, thus: 09:32:13 CST (which, converted to Solar, is actually 09:09).

Here's the new chart. And very likely the one we'll work with for some time hereafter.

09:32:13 CST is used to calculate the radix in Porphyry, our preferred system of house division.

Transit date is 24.02.16, but tSaturn Sagittarius and tJupiter Virgo activity periods are extended, with the former entering Capricorn in 12.17, and the latter entering Libra in 9.16.

Aspects are from transit-to-planet because the mapping is aimed at apprehending the impact of current influences in an effort to identify intrapsychic organizational shifts, objective and course leading up to and beyond the 66th solar return. Mercury is Scout planet, with an orbit of 88d, about 3 months, the familiar cycle of self-concept or role identi-
fication we experience in gestalt. This brief began about 88d prior to the solar return. Also note that Bennu is closely conjunct (~13') MercuryR-11.

tMars has opposed the Solar stellium for most of February, but also hit exact conjunction with the Lot of Identity for each of the three birth times we've identified, with 09:32:13 proving to be the most resonant, and the driving force to complete this study. We see that the AC is sensible over an arc of time and degree, showing an origin, a center, and our current reality. Indeed, I find sensibility in a range of ACs, Gemini through Leo.

Origin (Rectified) : 08:45:47 —
MC @ 28°20 Pisces.

Middle (Recorded) : 09:09 —
MC conjunct mean Rahu at 4°37 Aries and about 7° from Venus.

Last (Adopted) : 09:32:13 —
MC @ 10°53 Aries, about 65" from Venus-10, with IC about 4° from NeptuneR-4, the AIR singleton.

The Lots of Spirit and Identity aspect pattern (pale magenta) is an exception, presenting in the radix in result of the new AC at 0°+Leo. Spirit and Identity both positively engage MercuryR and the Nodes.

tPluto-6 is conjunct Nephthys (Lady of the House), squares Venus- and Vesta-10, and NeptuneR-4, but trines Saturn-2, Juno- and Mars-3, as well as Lilith-10 and the stellium(11). It is also inconjunct radical Pluto, our transmuting engine, which is parallel Uranus, which is square the nodes, novile MercuryR, and quintile Saturn. This metamorphosis addresses many issues without core destabilization. It is, rather, a period of reformulation upon review.

Several asteroids named after ancient Egyptian deities are shown in this chart because they're important in the cognitive map. These are not apprehended as archetypes in the Jungian sense, but as descriptors of intrapsychic process and, to some extent, as imagos. Hekate is also included, found with Anubis (conjunct tNeptune) and Jupiter (conjunct tSun) in the 8th.

NeptuneR-4 is accompanied by Pallas (focus of the radical Jupiter-8, Uranus-/Osiris-12, apical Ptah-10 kite formation). NeptuneR is also apical point in our core kite formation, with Pluto-1, ChironR-5, and Vesta/Venus-10.

We have Rahu-9 and Ketu-3. And in Lahiri sidereal we see Mars AK, MercuryR AmK, Moon BK, and Saturn MK.

There were many realizations in the development of this chart, as if from a dream.
And there were many of those, deep and strange, and continue to be...

Identification of the Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transits in particular, relative to the radix, helped make sensible the anabolic and catabolic forces simultaneously at play, the surprisingly aggressive irruptions to contain and work through, the frustration, the desire to do something but the absence of input as to what I might do, for I do not act alone, and lacking certitude in the dark internal silence of the principals withdrawn, who would confirm their presence, nothing more, and even that in question, I felt alone yet sustained by deeper force, knew that things were changing, that it was important to carry on, be patient, open, assess and adapt new ideas found in the course of studies that seemed peripheral to the questions I deemed paramount, the strain of it increasing, until one night, on waking to a radiant Moon (full at 13:19h on day seven, 22.02), reassured but uncertain how, I knew about time, the importance of 09:32:13 and the framework to reformulate the operational self-concept in a manner consistent with the past but flexible enough to meet the future too — more than a molt, amounting to a transmutation that has now made possible an appreciation of the gestalt in time, not as a point but an arc, much beyond the limits or even the context of what I'd thought the previous design.