A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Chandra Kundali resolves interpretive anomalies in the radix.
Rahu-12 and Ketu-6 from Chandra.
Moon chart placements of planets and points addresses transitional needs and previously unresolved anomalies in the radix.

4-11 January 2016

In recent entries we've been working with the sidereal Lahiri whole signs radix and rectified birth time. This particular configuration places Sun in the 12th, a result not commonly derived; in almost all other formulations, Sun remains in the same house (10th, 11th) and sign (Aries, Taurus) as the balance of the stellium. Yet Surya in bhava-12 has proved an apposite formulation in this period of transition, as recent entries attest.

With regard to my radix, almost every formulation generated to introspective purpose presents one or more anomalous placements of planets or points by sign or house. In the Sun-12 chart we find a frequent anomaly, Rahu-10, Ketu-4 — a placement that makes little sense, is off-the-mark, feels wrong, is an aberrant or irrelevant positioning. Rahu-9 and Ketu-3 are much more resonant, but setting that condition requires a formulation that shifts Sun from the 12th. Placements other than those which most strongly resonate requires tolerance, selective inattention, a leaving-out in light of insights gleaned from different areas of the configuration under study.

But this is a time of change. A different approach is found in response to the developmental imperative.

Chandra Kundali

The Chandra Kundali (moon chart) is of very special importance in Vedic astrology; its application in our current project has afforded important new perspective and effectively eliminated the various anomalies that so often present in such cognitive mapping. At above right we use a simple chart to compare the sidereal and tropical loci of planets and points in whole signs, showing the Chandra Kundali — Moon sign is 1st house. Note that in both cases we find Rahu-12 and Ketu-6 — not the case in the radix but deeply resonant nonetheless. And this result is consistent in all alternative configurations of the Chandra Kundali.

Sidereal and tropical planet and point placements present in different elements and signs, of course, but (with the exception of Sun, MC and Galactic Center) in Chandra Kundali they present in the same houses. And those houses are different from those in the radix — a radical difference, it turns out, that reveals a great deal. Saturn/Juno/Mars in the 5th, for example. And Jupiter in the 11th.

Chandra Kundali and Rasi

The illustration at right combines the Rasi (D-1) and a European-style rendering of the Chandra Kundali, showing the new house loci of planets and points, plus many alternate lagnas and rarefied points. There's an astonishing amount of information here, all of it, to my astonishment, readily useful. There are no anomalies...


There are many ways to approach the concept of 'identity' in cognitive maps such as these. It is better apprehended with reference to several significators, including, e.g., the Pranapada Lagna. In my case, with C-12 Pranapada in radix bhava-10, organization, beliefs and worldview tend to be reconstructed on a continuous basis, in direct relation to the identification, understanding and resolution of internal issues. There's also an Arabic Part of Identity (AC + Sat - Moon, day birth), which I've often found a useful indicator. In sidereal we find it at 20°Libra38', conjunct Pallas (13°Libra30'R), in 8th from Chandra, where, as Pijan puts it, we're dealing with

Dissolution of reliable knowledge and certainty, followed by a new knowledge

  • Catastrophic upheavals destruction and rebuilding of shelter;
  • Cycle of emotional destruction and rebirth;
  • error of unknown followed by new control skills;
  • Emergence of hidden threats to emotional stability and security;
  • Conditions of psychic death; 'virtual' death via tantrik initiation;
  • 8th-from = the angle of Death of old expectations and rebirth into new, more accurate expectations

This Part of Identity presents in Vishakha Nakshatra (20°Libra - 3°Scorpio20'), but I think Swati (6°40' - 20°Libra) is the better fit, ruled by Rahu, deity = Vāyu, Saraswati. "Priest', monk. C-7 :: partnership; vows; psychoemotional model for gestalt...

In the familiar trop geo whole signs radix at right we note the Chandra (C) houses (Moon sign is 1st house), and the focal dynamic of C-12, C-6, C-8.

We have Rahu, Venus and Vesta comprising the Aries complement in 12th from Chandra; Ketu and NeptuneR in 6th from Chandra; with Vertex, CeresR, ChironR, and the Galactic Center in 8th from Chandra. Part of a larger formation not highlighted, a kite, with Amun (C-2) at apex and Pluto (C-4) the corresponding wing to the Aries complement, this dynamic well describes my experience and transformational focus.

Transiting Saturn engagements

The main driver for this period is the square, now nearly exact, between transiting Saturn in Chandra-8 and Saturn in Chandra-5, which is inconjunct Venus, in turn trine tSaturn.

Review and reevaluation...

I find myself engaged in review of internal developments, beliefs and organizational constructs, developed over the past 30 years.

Transiting Saturn entered Sagittarius in November 1985 and reached 9° in March 1986, going retrograde around the 19th.

The first entry in what would become my Journal over the course of the next 12 years of essentially solitary intensive study and analysis, is 5 March 1986.

Transiting Saturn was trine Rahu, sextile Ketu about 15 June 1986, and in December 1986, was at its current locus (12°Sagittarius+), square natal Saturn and trine Venus.

Maha Dasas

For event date 5 March 1986,
using tropical solar years,
starting from Moon:

Then... VIMSOTTARI DASA : 15 June 1986 Currently... VIMSOTTARI DASA : 11 January 2016
Rah MD: 1973-01-17 (5:47:24) - 1991-01-17 (14:48:37)
 Ven AD: 1984-08-07 (8:23:42) - 1987-08-08 (1:35:08)
  Jup PD: 1986-02-13 (0:08:17) - 1986-07-10 (13:37:32)
   Sat SD: 1986-03-04 (1:55:00) - 1986-03-26 (23:12:45)
    Sat PAD: 1986-03-04 (1:55:00) - 1986-03-07 (16:25:18)
Sat MD: 2007-01-17 (12:03:06) - 2026-01-17 (2:46:48)
 Ven AD: 2013-11-10 (5:43:34) - 2017-01-08 (2:18:28)
  Sat PD: 2015-11-22 (3:19:13) - 2016-05-20 (14:40:56)
   Merc SD: 2015-12-20 (7:15:02) - 2016-01-14 (9:30:59)
    Sat PAD: 2016-01-10 (10:10:42) - 2016-01-14 (9:30:59)
  • Sum of longitudes of planets to this PAD level: 27°31'.
  • Chiron R is 27°Scorpio07'.
  • Transiting Uranus was 26°35'R in June 1986.
  • All of this in C-8, radix bhava-6.
  • Sum of planet longitudes up to this PAD level: 16°Gemini08'.
    Toward PoF and AC.

What there is to do...

Again, much is in review as we renew this Saturn cycle in 8th from Chandra, bhava-6. Matters going to gestalt structure and ideas of connectedness, the personal/transpersonal, issues of qi and healing, a multitude of material I've no doubt would prove overwhelming were I able to apperview it all. I sense it, but recognize that the working through must proceed as we are able, in gestalt and relative to whatever without. The 'real' and pragmatic perhaps, the vast illusion, beyond. Which is not new, but challenges again my general view and tests pro tem solutions...

The drive to work through this material is very strong, and there is an intensity about it which requires great patience. Much is being revealed. There is no rush. No place to go. Movement is perfectly slow ... I sometimes need reminding.