A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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The Way of what we do — looking inward, seeing through.
A needful life review and directional assessment with rectified radix, selected Arabic Parts and transits.

In the course of its development and subsequent study the following chart has proved very useful in identifying and working through key issues and themes requiring review before we initiate something new, contributing to an effort that includes dreamwork, meditation, inner commune and advisement. Two systems of house division are used to facilitate comparison of placements, and we note that while Equal House proves the best 'mirror' in self-description, Whole Signs provides something of an obverse view or parallel condition. Several fixed stars have been selected of immediate salience; more might be added as familiars in various dynamics, but they are not required in this exercise. Formulae for the Arabic Parts are shown because, in addition to sign and house locus, their significance is weighed on the basis of the three components comprising any given Part. Some authors use different formulae. Finally, there are several transits of significant impact in this period, those of Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu and Ketu in particular.

Radix and Transits, Trop Geo EH & WS, with selected Arabic Parts.

In brief...

65 years, 6 months, 9 days. Long time. Blink of an eye. Time moves slowly, and flies by. And now I seem to be experiencing time in a different way.


Mid-morning, bright but overcast, seeing but not feeling the environment, I walk barefoot in the long rich green grass of a plateau in the northwest quadrant of the dreamscape, snow-capped mountains far to the west. Small boulders and stones in the ground, remains from glacial days or perhaps the visible crest of a subterranean formation, and innumerable old human bones inexplicably risen to the surface, not dug up, simply exposed, the long after dead. Skull ahead, roll it over with my right foot, hold it loosely in my right hand, look closely but without acuity, gain impression rather than detail, macro rather than micro. Laterally compressed, narrower by half than the expected relation to vertical. No sense of life or connection thereto, except intellectually — I know it's a skull, but there no trace of history, no individuality and so, no connection, nothing here but eroded structure, absence of identity, cleansed of whatever once had been. Not an object, no investment.

Around noon, southeast quadrant, grassy knoll at the eastern edge of the plateau, overhear a small group of women, one of whom says Ray, among the dead, would like it here. She knows Ray is not his bones or associated with them, but she is letting go. Transforming attachment.

Early afternoon, by the river's frozen edge, predominant color is bright camel beige in the snow and ice among the leafless trees. I wear a beige down parka in which I feel quite comfortable, but find it somewhat awkward to move as I attempt to work through mechanical aspects of the large truck several men have driven into the river's edge in their effort to retrieve a bike abandoned there months ago, now stuck there, the lower six inches of both tires stuck there. The men are not working to extricate the bike; they're relaxing, debating the bike owner's culpability in leaving it there. I wonder whether the bike is mine, my responsibility. Should I free the bike and go?

Repressed material, decathected, worked through?

The Seer. Thinking inspired from the depths. Imaginative, vivid in manner of expression. Led from within when thinking, writing, speaking, and lecturing, and therefore often does not even know where words will take him or her. The same applies to the way in which her or she learns. Empathy and identification with immediate environment. Quickly finds the way anywhere. Good at slipping into various roles. Master of the art of persuasion; actor. Writes anonymously, under a pseudonym, as a ghostwriter.

Just getting back to writing. Hearing again. This has been a period of doing, being more in the body, attending to things neglected, not even seen, during recent project intensities. And it has involved a great deal of talking, responding to many people. Clearly then, Jupiter transits the 3rd — Whole Signs, naturally. Equal House in the 2nd? Yes, there simultaneously. We can make sense of anything, it's true, but not everything resonates. In this case both do. We know that core values are being reviewed and aligned, a reactive process and integrative too, going to the 11th.

Yet both (EH and WS chart) wheels of the bike (my customary conveyance) are stuck in the ice on the west edge — not in the flow — of the east river. I'm insulated (insular), but restricted in movement, and there's a question of culpability. A small matter of whether I'm participating in life, making a living, for example, involving myself in society, serving others. We might read Uranus square Rahu,MC/IC,Ketu as indicator that I come to terms with social reality and let go my emphasis on personal freedom, a willful immaturity — think of this as a 'skipped step' in the evolution of 'soul', but I don't buy that interpretation. Evolutionary astrology is an interesting schema, but soul and most reincarnational constructs generate dissonance in my experience. I am responsible for evaluating my performance, however, and assessing the impact of my behavior in relation to the collective. Yet that assessment is predicated of relationship with immanent divinity and multiple principals in gestalt, and the achievement of harmony in that matrix. Outward relationship depends on inward relationship, which is to say, interpersonal comes after intrapersonal. And just as the assumption of a role as identity focus serves as a means of organizing experience in the plurality of personality, so too does that role become the framework through which interaction with others becomes possible. Views and values are developed in the plurality of personality, a 2nd house theme, then communicated interpersonally, via the 3rd.

So now, looking to the chart, let's start with House 3.

  1. Assume any role.
    Note the 'organizing' propensity: AC+Pluto-Sun, the latter two a binovility (uncovers issues buried deep inside, par exemple), in this capacity conjunct NeptuneR, the AIR singleton, certainly in the 3rd I see, and indeed IC, which happens to be conjunct between Ketu and Mars, the core drive so key in Virgo, the previous sign but same house, everything ruled by Mercury.

  2. Identity.
    House 4. Scorpionic, conjoined with Passion, Karma, and Guidance, all conjunct Pallas Athene, focal point of the PTAH-Jupiter-Uranus-Pallas kite.

  3. Chart Focus in Sagittarius.
    Houses 5 and 6. Major healing foci in Sagittarius, in the 5th (R: Pluto) and 6th (R: Jupiter) houses:
    Inconjuncts and YOD kite with apex at Elnath(AMUN), wings at AC and (Sun)MercuryR(Moon), going to
    (Galactic Center)AditiR(ChironR, CeresR). We also get a sensible read with Whole Signs, where the
    central axis is 12-6.

  4. Untenanted House 7.
    The 7th is untenanted by major players, but we do find Plays in this position, referring to gambling and risk-
    taking behaviors, biseptile Sun; counterpoint Pluto (15°50) is conjunct this position in Aquarius, with Pluto sentagon (a 'karmic' aspect, like the novile1) Sun. The Point of Illumination is also here (17°14), conjunct Nephthys (16°26), Lady of the House, focus of a major kite formation with PoF/Sirius at apex and wings of Lilith/Moon and Saturn/Coxa/Juno; this is a stabilizing influence in the plurality, driven by apical interests informed by AC, Mars and the stellium.

  5. The real work.
    Note the confluence of points proximal the MC in the 9th, beginning in Pisces (R: Neptune) and extending through Vesta in Aries. Vocation and Profession (Mother: not the birth mother here, I think) on either side of the MC, then Destiny, Father (not the birth father, I think), Rahu, Venus and Vesta (we could add much more, but these suffice). Focus on the meaning of existence and psychospirituality. Psychonavigation. House 9. House 10, WS.
    Mother and Father → Ardhanarishwara...

    Going to the issue of One and Many, Sabian 29 (MC): Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism. Rudhyar reads this as descriptive of the relationship of the One and Many, rather than of absolute unity, and suggests that "existence implies differentiation". As in development...
    — Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala, 1974:287.

    And Sabian 30 (Profession) is particularly apt here, referring to the capacity for self-transformation through concentrated emotional and volitional focus on the desired end. The power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer. — ibid., p.288.

    tRahu/IC tKetu/MC

    • ~10 November: transiting Rahu(Mean) conjoins IC at 28°20 Virgo and tKetu the MC at 28°20 Pisces.
      At this point, tVesta is conjunct tKetu.
    • ~28 November: transiting Rahu(True) and tKetu conjoin the IC/MC.

    These events bracket the period of this brief. The tRahu/Ketu:IC/MC conjunction is the inverse of that found in the radix. The effect involves withdrawal and critical review.

    Additional Notes:
    ~5 August: tSaturn at 28°20 Sco trines MC in Pisces.
    ~8 November: tSaturn at 4°55 Sag exactly trines Rahu in Aries, same degree as the unrectified (09:09 CST) MC (4°37 Aries).

  6. Moon, Lilith, Sons, PTAH, Death.
    10th is 8th from 3rd, 9th from 2nd. House 10 holds the PTAH apex of the kite formation focused at Pallas and the Identify grouping in the 4th, with wings at Jupiter-8 and Uranus-12. EH places Lilith and Moon here, with MercuryR and Sun in the 11th, thus separating the stellium, but the lunar influence goes to the 11th by proximity, and its Balsamic, 9-10 hours before the New Moon.

    [...] At times the individual feels himself possessed by a social "destiny" or led by a superior power. He is more or less aware of being a shrine (or "field") in which something greater than his personal selfhood is taking place [...] tends to sense a character of finality in all important relationships [...] sees them both as ends of some process and as a means to reach some transcendent goal [...]
    — Rudhyar, The Lunation Cycle, 1967:54-5.

    PTAH is the architect, the builder.

  7. Astrology and Art.
    House 11. Here we find Sun and MercuryR, with the influence of Moon (square Pluto: "the need to purify"), with Sun binovile Pluto. We also find AMUN, Elnath and Aldebaran, with Arabic Parts showing means of social expression and regeneration. This is counterpoint to the Sagittarius focus of the chart, and it has not been a zone of my attention, despite it's. Seventh from the 5th, it is more descriptive of the partnerships and associations, the social connections I engage, but these have largely been apprehended in terms of identity shifts, deaths and rebirths. This Taurus-Gemini complement, ruled by Venus, strongly linked with Venus and NeptuneR (AIR singleton), seems to emphasize the Ardra Nakshatra, ruled by Rahu, indicating a strong desire nature and power of effort. Astrology (11°18) and Art (11°29) combine to suggest: Liberation from the ghosts of the past. — Rudhyar, op. cit., 1974:97.

    This suggests course of action and direction to pursue, in keeping with our current work and orientation. Moon transited the Taurus-Gemini complement on the 26th, and today, the 27th, conjuncts Uranus in the 12th — I've spent much of the day completing the chart, adding the Nodal calculus.

    Most interesting in all of this, or perhaps a byproduct of it all, is the altered sense of time, something I'll not here describe, preferring to address it in rhyme, by more direct line. It is truly astonishing, perhaps a function of the Jupiter transit, I don't know.

  8. 12-4-8
    Again we find a Death point in the 8th, linked with Identity in the 4th, and unconscious foci in the 12th: Uranus, PoF and Castor, closely conjunct the AC and influencing the 1st. Surgery is an interesting point, suggesting precision excisions (AC+Saturn-Mars), with PoF and Castor influence, implying interest-borne ordering of drive initiatives ... cutting what needs to be cut. The 12th is ruled by Mercury.

  9. State of the AC
    The rectified Ascendant (21° Can 47'25", to be exact, calculated for 08:45:47 CST Solar) appears to be 'correct', some 23'13" different from the recorded birthtime, and 4°30'13" less than the previous AC (26° Can 17'38"), which is the locus of the current Arabic Part of Spirit (26°23'24"). The sidereal Nakshatra is Punarvasu, a far more resonant fit that Pushya.

    Castor and Pollux (Polydeuces)
    The Dioscuri bracket the AC in close conjunction, Castor in the 12th, Pollux in the 1st.
    In two realms at once.

    The key here is knowing what it is to be human and divine at the same time. Hermes weds Earth to Heaven. Using Alchemical language, Paracelsus tells us that "The world is as God created it. In the beginning He made it into a body, which consists of four elements. He founded this primordial body on the trinity of Mercury, Sulphur and Salt. These are the three substances of which the complete body consists." [Paracelsus: Selected Writings. Jolande Jacobi, Ed. Norbert Guterman, Transl. 1951:14] Salt is Base Matter, Sulphur is omnipresent Spirit of life and Mercury brings about the divine fusion of opposites.