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Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality

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Radical Rectification
A birth time adjustment that appears to make of the entire natal chart a more useful instrument
for cognitive and predictive work.


7-18 October 2015

I have a tattered photocopy of my Certificate of Birth, a form with hand-written entries certifying that I was born in St. Ansgar's Hospital and Training School at 9:09 AM on the 16th day of May 1950. The form is signed by the attending physician and two Sisters, both RNs. The Hospital's official seal is evident and readable. That birth time seems quite solid, and I've relied upon it for many years. Until now, some 45 years since I began studying astrology.

An astrological chart can provide a framework, a cognitive structure that enables identification, challenge, and transformation of self-concept in light of larger reference, an inferred order or sensibility. The planets, points, signs, houses in a chart form a model or matrix of unique nature and description, an interactive tool, in context of which ideas and emotions might be weighed and tested. The process engages multiple intrapsychically apprehended principals in egoic focus, facilitates developmental cooperation, informs of psychological organization, elements, drives, and dynamics.
It proves especially effective in root analysis, identifying causation or operative origination in working through problems of identity, ideational and emotional issue. While the practice also proves useful for predictive purposes, in my case this applies more in psychological and psychospiritual terms than it does in matters mundane and pragmatic.

But there are certain recurrent problems that necessitate tolerance of 'error' or anomaly in charts that otherwise resonate quite well. For example, regarding planetary or point placement in the apposite house, no single system of house division delivers the total 'fit' I prefer to see, right across the board; there's always a 'miss' or more we experience as dystonic or dissonant, frustrating conceptual synthesis and integration. Resolution of that anomaly might require shifting schemata, going sidereal or heliocentric, for example, or, when that fails, as it often does (or moves us in a different direction, stimulating a new line of enquiry and so, sidestepping or) tolerating the unexplained, treating it as an exception. But in the search for common ground among multiple principals in gestalt, the group identity in which I operate, we're more often looking for a structure that works, that describes the internal state as completely as possible, including the ineffable, so detachment, while understandable, is not necessarily the best course ... or the answer. We might need to dig deeper.

Locus & TimeACMCPoF
Moorhead MN USA

09:09 CST
GMT -6
26° Can 17'38"4° Ari 37'22"21° Can 52'10"
Ottawa ON CA

10:09 EST
GMT -5
11° Leo 21'51"27° Ari 16'13"6° Leo 56'23"
Moorhead MN USA

08:45:47 Solar
21° Can 47'25"28° Pis 16'41"17° Can 11'26"

While the prime motivation in our current drive to reconsider birthtime involves assessment of a lifestyle transition, reorientation and a shift in practice, this very problem of anomalous placements figures prominently. Indeed, the rectification at which we've arrived seems to resolve the placement issue and, as an elegant bonus, serves as something of a proof for the rectification.

Three sets of angles are shown in the table at right, calculated from three birthtimes. I accepted the time recorded on the Certificate of Birth. Only recently did I begin working with the relocation chart, and even then came across opinion that they were rather less than useful (Astrodienst, however, now offers this option in their extended chart selection). And I was pleased to find that the relocation chart posits my AC in close proximity to Pluto, a relationship I've always felt intuitively, or at least that Pluto unequivocally belongs in the 1st house.

Alas, notwithstanding the overall resonance of the relocation chart, including properly placed Ketu-3 and Rahu-9, something was anomalous: Saturn, Juno and Mars presented together in the 2nd —:  While that's an acceptable placement for Saturn and Juno, Mars unequivocally belongs in the 3rd house.

Much as that may seem a small matter, it is not. In Jaimini astrology (and see Gomes G.), the planet of highest longitudinal degree is considered the Chara Atmakaraka, the soul significator, and, in my Lahiri sidereal chart, Mars holds that position at 29° Leo 51'+. While I don't generally use the more popular Lahiri ayanamsa for sidereal charts — the Chara Karakas vary depending on the ayanamsa used — and indeed prefer trop geo (sayana) charts in most of my studies, the Jaimini concept of the Chara Karakas is often applied, the Atmakaraka (Self, own self, soul's desire), Amatyakaraka (career, advisor), Bhratrikaraka (siblings), and Matrikaraka (mother, nourisher) in particular. In trop geo, Mercury is Matrikaraka, Mars is Bhratrikaraka, Rahu is Amatyakaraka, and Sun is Atmakaraka. There's a great deal of information there, but moreover, Mars is trine the solar stellium and is a very powerful force for cohesion, discipline, and creative drive. Certainly 3rd house.

Saturn, on the other hand, could easily and more sensibly be 2nd house, but the angles don't permit a Mars/Saturn split like that, with either the recorded birth time or the relocational, except with Campanus in the latter case, which gives us Saturn-2 and Mars-3; the Campanus solution proves excellent in many ways but fails with Ketu-4, Rahu-10. Also, while the main stellium is sensible in 11, that placement does not account for the Pluto-Moon square so important in gestalt work — "the need to purify", work through matters which, in most cases, go to 10th house themes, Moon exalted in Taurus and ruler of the chart. Well, two of the three charts: Sun is ruler, Almuten Figuris of the relocation chart — AC is Leo. AC in the other two charts is Cancer, and Moon is Almuten Figuris. That's the better fit.

We could go on here, but the worksheet below clearly shows a solution for the problem of placement in houses
arrived at by converting local time to solar time.

There are good converters here and here, the latter requiring a day number calculation.

The result of the conversion is 08:45:47, which is 23'13" before the recorded birthtime.

This rectification is still under study but it's already successfully passed several major tests in alignment with major events in the past. Note that the angular shifts is relatively slight: - 4°30'13" for the AC, and - 6°20'33" for the MC.

  • The Part of Spirit (26° Can 23') is almost exactly conjunct the previous AC (26° Can 18').
  • YOD: AC (1st) and Moon (10th) to ChironR in the 5th. Note the YOD Kite dynamic in the background, with Rahu-9 / Ketu3 as the central axis; this is unchanged by the rectification and remains a core feature of the radix. Of equal salience, also unchanged by the shift, is the Jupiter novile aspect pattern that unifies the chart; this pattern includes the core kite formation with Venus at focus, NeptuneR at apex.
  • Moon, Lilith, Asclepius and PTAH tenant the 10th, and arc of particular importance given the midpoints found here. MercuryR and Sun plus Part of Individuality and AMUN tenant the 11th, a house, along with the 8th and 4th, closely tied to the 2nd, (Thuban and Zosma) Saturn/Coxa and Juno. Mars, Ketu and Neptune tenant the 3rd.
  • Destiny, AP, Rahu and MC are conjunct in the 9th, with Venus and Vesta.
  • Note the importance of Nepthys-6, which becomes focus of the kite formation with PoF/AC at apex.
  • The rectified birthtime shifts the Bazi Hour value from SNAKE to DRAGON.