A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality
Richard Dagan

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Transiting Jupiter Trinamic : A powerful pattern of squares, trines, and inconjuncts.
Stuff happens without thought.  Wuji, Taiji, and the 10,000 things.

6-10 December 2014

From an early memory...
While the circumstances make for an interesting story, I won't get into them here except to say that the general anesthetic I was administered (ether?) quickly turned everything pitch black, apart from the massive blue and white spiral down which, bodiless, I rapidly descended with progressive loss of self-awareness. I had never experienced such terror. My world had gone dark once before, in response to my enraged mother. That had happened when I was five, maybe six ... some time past. This was different. I was eight. The surgery, I would understand years later, was to repair an inguinal hernia.

Alone, deceived by a nurse I hadn't believed when she'd shown me the Lone Ranger's "mask" and asked if I'd like to try it on, an authority of whom I'd felt leery but hadn't conceived as the threat she turned out to be, restraining me with burly might when I realized something was wrong. I was not prepared for what happened, you see, hadn't been told anything, what to expect. My parents weren't big on communication. They were young, in their late-twenties, isolated, prematurely responsible. And I was prone to getting in their hair, or not-being-there. And doctors too: The less a kid knew, the better.

So, with the Lone Ranger's mask in place I breathed rapidly, fearfully, quickly, and I panicked, fought strenuously but with rapidly diminishing strength, blindly, utterly terrified at these new unknowns, aware of that burly nurse's inimical grip. Another part of me simply observed, however, followed the roll, let things unfold ... because really, this was completely out of my control. It was happening to me, yet it was compelling. I could "see"—

Of course, the terror is what I remembered most, what was foremost on my mind. No doubt the "eyes" with which I view the experience at this writing are informed by years of study and practice, but, nevertheless, I believe there was a parallel awareness at the time of the event. A detached observation.

The descent — the whole event troubled me at a level so fundamental I thought of it as horror. It left me mistrustful of authority, though that may have been the case long before.  The point is, it didn't disable me. At some equally fundamental level, in fact, it conveyed a sense of ultimate reality. Indeed, the boundless nothingness, the absolute absence of light and the sharp bright blue-white of the spiral struck me as utterly beautiful, clear, precise. Indicative of an order supreme and...

These days, that early death-spiral strikes me as Taiji, apposite imagery of the spiral force, a going back to Wuji...

Recent TSaturn oppositions to the solar stellium have been followed by TJupiter squares, describing a lengthy period of transition, with financial limitation and production decathexis, loss of investment in work become routine. The above study sheet reveals a TJupiter dynamic that engages a YOD complex focused on the 5/6 from houses 1, 12 and 10. That focus is the sidereal Sco/Sag complement in houses 5/6 (trop = Sag 6), which includes other players by extension but most precisely: Siwa, Hygiea, and Chiron R.

With respect to theme, Chiron R is meaningful in both loci, 5 and 6, going to healing — as creative response to personal desire for regeneration, and as psychophilo-
sophical response to group health and well-being, common rights and freedoms. Chiron R is a key of signal importance in the radix, and locus informs of direction for action, as does sign. I ride the fence when it comes to focus on the production of art, for example, or focus on matters of philosophy and practice in matters of health and well-being in gestalt, whether with respect to plural personality or transpersonal reality, intra- and inter-connectivity. That's the 10th-house variable — the matter of what work there is to do; it's why we're using the sidereal chart in this exercise, because the TJupiter squares challenging Mercury R and Moon in that locus go to gestalt governance and role performance.

Consonant with the question of appropriate course in this case, in addition to issues of acceptable desire and right action, there now arises first cause. Current studies concern Wuji, Taiji, Wu Xing, and the 10,000 things. We work with mantras, Bijas, Dhyani Buddhas, and more. We are, it would seem, between worlds and somehow ... without thought.

Well, we are not with thought of familiar themes. There's a greater detachment, a rising above or beyond. More frequent occurrence of unexpected images and unusual dreams, discordant themes, people and scenes, inevident means, harder to analyze.

And just this morning, the realization that in the ultimateless Wuji is potential to be whatever is focused upon ... Taiji.