A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality
Richard Dagan

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Trailings in time, redefining, realigned.
Remembering tJupiter squares and tSaturn oppositions to the solar stellium. Related dynamics and suggested course.

11-13 November 2014

Jupiter and Saturn are opposed (a☍ 7º44'48") in my trop geo radix, and both play important roles in readily identified developmental dynamics. Here, however, we're focusing on aspect patterns involving T♃ squares and T♄ oppositions to the solar stellium. These are sequence patterns, each a series of direct, retrograde, and direct connections. In the next few paragraphs I'll adduce two time frames during which these transiting aspect patterns previously presented, and explore the current instance. Each occurrence is characterized by intense isolation and privation in one sense, but of transformation in another, a shifting of dimensional awareness.

TJupiter squares to the solar stellium go to philosophical orientation and the development of new predicates for expansion. T♄ oppositions to the solar stellium go to structural challenges, collapse/demolition and reconfiguration (♄ Q ♅ || ♇) — both Uranus and Pluto are involved in this, the latter squaring the stellium by extension through Lilith and Moon. In the system dynamic Saturn serves as stabilizer, the "strong hand supplanting political hysteria"; it represents order and organization, the quiet calm. Saturn is also limitation and restriction, of course, and in that respect, a demanding teacher. The Jupiter influence (focused through the radical dynamic: ) tends to follow the Saturn initiative in the case of these opps and squares to the stellium; it represents something of a descaling, a molting, a necessary realignment of psychophilosophical orientation prior to the T♄ connections with Ketu (4th) and Rahu (10th) as Saturn journeys through the 5th, Sag (where we also see the importance of the 9th degree, something of a "fated" point it seems, location of Antares, close to the Vertex → opposed now by sec.prog. MC in the radical 12th, Gem). So in the three time frames that follow, we'll focus first on the Saturn oppositions and briefly apply the Jupiter squares.

1955, 55-56
The first series of T♄ ☍ ☽ - ☿ R - ☉ occurred during ages 4.66 - 5.5 y, began with exact opposition to Moon in Jan 1955 but did not reach exactitude with ☿ R and ☉ before going retrograde, then direct again in Oct 1955, with the final exact opposition to ☉ in late Nov 1955. My first experience of the daimonic, or immanence, happened in this time frame — communication of a transcendent nature, guiding, advising. And I remember painting racing stripes on beautiful gray car, a 1930s Ford, using brushes I'd found soaking in a glass jar of clear turpentine, their bristles still loaded, one with green and the other with while oil-based paint. We moved to a small farm soon thereafter — isolation, maternal violence, headless chickens, bees and hornets, the forest, dissociative capacities, flying dreams, learning to ride a bike. Many more factors were at play, to be sure, as other planets transited the 5th, setting the stage as T♄ subsequently moved into Sag, forming sextile with the 4th- (Libra) and trine with the 10th-house (Aries) complements, including Ketu and Rahu respectively. The T♃ squares took place in Sep-Oct 1955, and Feb-June 1956, so, through age 6.08y, the summer before beginning elementary school, while living on the farm.

1984-85, 86
The second series occurred ages 34 - 35 y, began in Nov 1984, with the retrograde running through July 1985 and the final direct in Oct 1985. This period marked a denouement in more extended attempts at social interaction, including work as an editor; it culminated in a crisis of what might be called "contaminated desire", a breakdown in social relationship and self-identification as a "psychic". These experiences led to the conclusion that I needed to withdraw, work through and understand my issues, pursue psychospiritual studies, analytics and dynamics — activities I would continue to the exclusion of most else during the next 12+ years. Intensive Journal work began in March 1986, as T♄ reached 9.5º Sag, and T♃ in ♓ hit conjunction with ♃, so engaging .

Pluto Notes:
T♇ opposed the solar stellium from Jan 1991 through Sep 1994, with several shifts, direct and retro. This marked the most intense period of dreamwork and analysis, with description of structures and dynamics in plural personality, "voice" work, cognitive mapping and schemata. T♇ entered Sag in Jan 1995, danced in and out, then remained in-sign, engaging strong connections to the 4th (IC, Ketu) and 10th MC, Rahu) from Dec 1996 through 1998, reaching 9º Sag in Dec 1998 - Jan 1999; during this period I began working with computers, changed my name (Sep 99), and come to grips with the idea of leaving the cave. In subsequent years of the new decade, initiatives would involve web design and client work, intense focus on painting and sculpture, bankruptcy, the demise of an online business, and another withdrawal...

2013-14, 14-15
The third series of T♄ oppositions to the solar stellium began in Dec 2013, age 63.58 y, with sequence completion 11-12 Nov 2014, age 64.05 y. This is perhaps the last such event in my lifetime. Concurrently, T♄ has squared ☽ and is moving to square ☿ R (24 Nov), before going retro; it will hit ☉ only once, by direct motion, in July 2015. Let's consider these patterns in a bit more depth, given that we're looking to apprehend a path at this point.

While in opposition to ☉, T♄ trines the late ♋ complement, including ⊕, Ishtar, AC, and Isis. These connections also go to the YOD kites, both of which focus in the 6th, engaging the Galactic Center (GC), as well as the conjunction of Siwa, Hygiea, and Chiron R.
The solar stellium anchors the North legs of both YOD kites. What we want to emphasize here, however, are the kite apices, namely, Klotho/Atropos in one, and Echeclus in the other. In this context we see the beginning/end in relation to GC, and Echeclus ("stickiness", or recurrence in time, shifting focus in time) in relation to Siwa, Hygiea, Chiron R plus. Matters of time in both cases. We should also note that T♃ trines the Siwa, Hygiea, Chiron R conjunction, affirming that focal point with respect to shifts in philosophical orientation, change. Healing the "psychic wound".

Amable of Transneptunian Astrology writes that

[w]hen (60558) Echeclus is activated there are time connections between past, present and future. Usually something of the past has an imposing influence in the present, and something of the present can have an imposing influence in the future, and vice versa, like in the movies "The Kid" (2000), "Family Man" (2000), "Pay it Forward" (2000), "Frequency" (2000), "The Lake House" (2006, remake of "Il Mare" South Korean film of 2000), "Déjà vu" (2006), "Tomb Raider: Legend" (PS2, 2006). Learning to switch time perspectives allows us to shift our attention easily between the past, present and future, and consciously adapt our mindset to any given situation.

Zane Stein provides additional ideas and aspect examples, observes that "the Centaur Echeclus was killed by being rammed in the face by a spear that had lost its point. A rather bloody way to die, that's for sure. The origin of his name is a bit unclear, but it may have come from the Greek word that translates as 'glutinous'...which means sticky, or glue-like." Echeclus, like Chiron, is classified as both centaur and comet; these two are the only such dual bodies in our system.

Locus is 12th House, going to the 6th, so we're working to bring forward the hidden material that bears on health and well-being, the "psychic wound". There is indeed a personal objective here, but the nature of plural personality, in particular with respect to principals of transpersonal aspect in gestalt, also bears on the transpersonal, a larger-than-personal, or perhaps personal-as-collective objective. The healing is broad in scope. Work on the self is work with others. Everything goes to enlightenment.