A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality
Richard Dagan

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Letting go a catechismal incorporation.  More on tJupiter and tSaturn aspects, and tNeptune reengaging Jupiter.

1 November 2014

tSaturn will pull away from opposition to the solar stellium this month, but its impact in that engagement has extended for almost a full year. tJupiter squares to said stellium will involve a similar retrograde series, beginning now and drawing to a close in August 2015. These slow-movers are profound effectors in my radices. Tenanting the 3rd and 9th houses respectively (whole signs) in the geocentric, they are opposed (orb= 749') but both positively focused through Uranus in the 1st. In the heliocentric they are triseptile (orb= 39'), and if we apply houses here, they tenant the 3rd and 8th. I have tended to think of them as a unit, something of a governor, expanding :: contracting, holding me to a course. This is easier to understand with respect to the triseptile, which goes to the elimination of 'wrong thinking', and is focused on psychospiritual rebirth, but the same process is indicated by more complex dynamics in the geocentric framework.

During the period of this tSaturn retrograde series, especially of late, there has been intense reexamination of previous experience, specific things I've said and done, and that has brought into review my understanding of the "I".

Catharsis is a frequent experience for me, admittedly, and characteristic of every cathartic process is the experience of death and dissolution ('bhanga'). "I" am accustomed to this. But the concept of "I" is not usually called into review. "I" simply die, cease to know, resorbed, returned to womb, to Sol, and then am 'reborn' in identity reformed, continuous with the gone before.

And here the review, of who "I" am
and what it is "I" do...

The process involves unanticipated experience of acute dissonance and dysharmonia, uncertainty and anxiety that must be worked through. But "I" am not able to do this of independent agency, for "I" am not except in relation to or expression of a gestalt of principals and immanent presence. "I" am not an immortal soul or immortal essence; though "I" have an identity, a continuity, "I" have not lived before and will not live again.  There is no expectation of beginning again with any end. No issue of salvation except in the sense of resolving the problem with which "I" am confronted in my work with the group, with immanence.

My experience does not coincide with that of the catechismal instruction uncritically incorporated as a youth. I conceive neither 'heaven' nor 'hell', no separation from divinity, no ... well, let's approach this in a different way. From Chapter IX, Anatta or soul-lessness, in Buddhism in a Nutshell (PDF), first published in 1933 by Narada Mahathera, republished in 1982 by Buddhist Publication Society, for free distribution... consider this passage (link added):

[...] mind is nothing but a complex compound of fleeting mental states. One unit of consciousness consists of three phases — arising or genesis (uppada) static or development (thiti), and cessation or dissolution (bhanga). Immediately after the cessation stage of a thought-moment there occurs the genesis stage of the subsequent thought-moment. Each momentary consciousness of this ever-changing life process, on passing away, transmits its whole energy, all the indelibly recorded impressions to its successor. Every fresh consciousness consists of the potentialities of its predecessors together with something more. There is therefore, a continuous flow of consciousness like a stream without any interruption. The subsequent thought moment is neither absolutely the same as its predecessor — since that which goes to make it up is not identical — nor entirely another — being the same conytinuity of kamma energy. Here there is no identical being but there is an identity in process.

Every moment there is birth, every moment there is death. The arising of one thought-moment means the passing away of another thought-moment, and vice versa.

[...] No state once gone ever recurs nor is identical with what goes before. [...] As the wheel of a cart rests on the ground at one point, so does the being live only for one thought-moment. It is always in the present, and is ever-slipping into the irrevocable past. What we shall become is determined by this present thought-moment.

[...] there is no soul [...] there is nothing to be reborn [...]

When life ceases the kammic energy rematerializes itself in another form. As Bhikkhu Sīlācāra says: "Unseen it passes withersoever the conditions appropriate to its visible manifestation are present. Here showing itself as a tiny gnat or worm, there making its presence known in the dazzling magnificence of a Deva or an Archangel's existence. When one mode of its manifestation ceases it merely passes on, and where suitable circumstances offer, reveals itself afresh in another name or form."

tNeptune R is again conjunct Jupiter in the geo radix 9th house — it was fist exact 23 April 2014, is now exact 5 November, and will next be exact 27 November in third and final leg of this tNep-Jup geo retro series in my lifetime. tNeptune is quite far from Jupiter in the helio radix, and is conjunct but not exactly so in the sidereal (Lahiri). Developments continue...

While tJupiter squares the stellium in the geo chart, it also trines the Chiron R, Hygiea R, and Siwa R conjunction in 6th-house Sagittarius, engaging the entire complement.

My focus is on healing and healing agency ... what it means, how it works.