A Journal of Inner Work and Therapeutic Arts
Immanence and Identity in Plural Personality
Richard Dagan

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Dream of Six Cards:
Transformational change. Parvati.

30 August 2014

Radix, Rasi, Navamsa and Amun, Vishnu, Neptune

The dreamscape is deep underground, deep innerworld, with very muted colors presenting intermittently in a dominant black and white motif. The female seated before me is a numen of immense power, capable of great compassion and implacable ferocity, utterly focused, intent on her task. She completely engages my attention and yet, while I "see" her, I cannot bring her into focus. Hers is a reality that cannot be grasped or described, only suggested. She is a force, an energy presenting in form, in body and clothing I might find familiar, more apprehensible. I am awestruck. Whatever she does affects me profoundly.

She has shuffled six white divinatory cards, each obverse a different illustration in stark black outline. The first three cards are spread in sequence to her right, in the order they will remain, indicating a three-part reality, stability, an ordinational framework, unquestioned. I don't see them directly but am aware of the group internally, know they're there, a foundation, a given. Not so the next three, however. They're not fixed but movable, instruments of change. She's in the process of organizing them in the order she wants, different from that arrived at by shuffle. I see the topmost card but do not register the design, can't say what it is — I recognize only the absolute precision of the black-and-white image, no shades of difference, no middle ground. The lines are surgical, cutting, plenipotent, more than mere indicators.

The meaning of the message is altered by the selection and sequence of the cards, just as developmental direction will be set in motion with each placement. Unsure of her intention, not in control of the process and possibly about to lose my freedom, my very sense of reality, I rise in response, fear increasing but not wild as I float upwards, rise faster, fly higher and higher in what now seems a tall square tower. I observe that the cards are gaining on me in their aggressive pursuit, and that they are not alone. A faster-moving smokey cloud or mist will soon engulf me. My heart races as I realize there's no means of escape, no opening at the top of the tower. I become more detached, experience a different perspective, understand the smokey gray cloud represents an approaching state of mind, a transcendence.... End