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Richard Dagan

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Clockwise house rotation in soul-level sidereal astrology.

18-21 January 2014

In the course of readings pursuant to the previous post, I came upon Nick Anthony Fiorenza's remarkable essay entitled Your Natal Cross & Clockwise House Rotation in Soul-level Sidereal Astrology.  I've often appreciated the caliber of Fiorenza's astrological and archetypal studies at The Lunar Planner but, at this time of personal transition, his well-illustrated and concisely delineated presentation of sidereal clockwise house rotation is particularly resonant.

In contrast to counter-clockwise house rotation, which is fitting to the aspiring personality looking upward, seeking soul-level awareness, clockwise house rotation is far more fitting if we are exploring soul-level sidereal astrology, as we are looking down from soul-level awareness upon incarnate life. With clockwise house rotation we are facing the movement of the planets, embracing their energetics, rather than be blown around by them in circle, or worse yet running in reaction from the experience they bring. Clockwise house rotation matches a day's unfoldment — as the Sun rises and the east (ASC) and sets in the west DSC): The IC is mid-night. The ASC (the eastern rising stars) is sunrise, day-break. The MC is noon, the day's culmination. The DSC (western setting stars) is sunset, days end. This east to west direction is also Earth's precessional direction, the opposite direction of planetary movement around our Sun. Precessional movement of Earth's pole (and the vernal axis) through heavens reveals the evolutionary cycle of the soul collective on Earth.

Consider first that soul descends from the MC to IC (actually from the Zenith, the location of birth, down through the Earth to the Nadir, (the opposite location) — thus grounding, becoming fully incarnate. As explained above, the Zenith and Nadir projected through the birth meridian becomes the MC-IC axis in the ecliptic, with the MC-IC axis revealing the nature of soul's overlay upon the physical vessel through which soul expresses. This energetic then begins to express through chart in a clockwise direction, from the IC toward the ASC.

Clockwise house rotation beginning at the IC is shown here in four sidereal radices. Mine, at upper left, includes selected fixed stars, asteroids, and Arabic Parts in close relation, with very close conjunctions indicated in red.*

Among the many interesting insights generated through this house-rotation exercise, the significance of the lunar nodal shift from 3/9 (EH, geocentric, tropical) to 12/6 (Alcibitius, sidereal) has been most surprising, referring here to the merit of the postulate in psychoemotional terms — I'm still considering this, in some respects. My core focus may indeed be described in terms of psychophysical health and healing, but, from another perspective, also cast as pursuit of philosophical truth. Cognitive schemata prove useful to the extent one is able to step outside, reassess and reapply, adapt as necessary, or abandon as appropriate. The schema is simply a tool, a means of conceptualizing and apprehending.

New material presenting in this house-rotation study has involved identification of archetypal principals I accept may bear on current transformational initiatives. A real revelation are Narcissus and Ixion, closely conjunct Neptune R, apex of the core kite formation focused on Venus and Vesta (+ Ceto and Hermes) — these patterns do not surprise completely, since narcissism has been a subject of study for many years, but they bear on shadow structures now being examined as TSaturn opposes the stellium in Aries/Taurus (5th house, in the new schema).